How about a review of the LG drives?

I read the new test of the LiteOn CDRWs. The CD-R media tests were very interesting as you used a lot of different media.

But I’m missing a test of the LG CD-RWs GCE 8320B and GCE-8400B. These drives really kick ass. Testing them with many CD-R media would be very interesting because the LG drives are told to have an excellent writing quality.

Well the problem is to get in touch with LG, maybe if enough people mail them, they will contact us, we did receive some contact information from them, but we haven’t succeed to get drives from unfortunately…

Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR
maybe if enough people mail them, they will contact us

Explain this one Domi. We can actually help to get you drives for reviews?

Yes, we can’t just go out and buy the drives and review them. The maker of the drives have to ship us a review samples to review…

Personally I would love to review these drives:

Asus 48X
LG 40X and 48X
AOpen 40X
BenQ 48X

(no I do not have the time to do it and I do not have the drives).