How about a Forum Jump gadget near the top?

. I usually set “Number to Show” pretty high and a Forum Jump gadget in the page “header” would be very convenient for me. Or did I miss that setting in the CP?
. I’m still waiting for a Request-For-Help/Go-Do-This - there must be something I can handle. Not necessarily as an Op or Mod, but I should make a useful adjunct to the Ops/Mods. I’m pretty good at the routine, get-this-done-within-these-parameters, I’ll-tweak-it-later-if-it’s-not-exactly-what-I-wanted stuff that the ppl who actually get something done find helpful to delegate.

There’s a Forum Jump menu at the bottom right of the page…is that what you’re after?


Edit: I’d ask if you could submit your favourite media on the front page, but the user submit has a bug in it…:sad:

. Exactly! Sometimes it’s a looonnnngggg way (for me) to the bottom of the page, so, if it’s not too much trouble (for me or thee), “may I have another” at the top of the page?

. Unless “I’m a rank Newbie to proper burning techniques and have previously only bought the cheapest ‘namebrands’ I could find” is an option, there’s not much need in me participating. :bigsmile:

. That’s the kind of thing I may be able to help with! I started programming in 1972 (Fortran on a NCR 100 - ferrite-core RAM :eek: ). Haven’t done any “real” programming in the last decade or two (unless you count the little bit of HTML/PHP/&c required for “advanced” personal web pages), but should have enough general knowledge to help do some trouble-shooting. You’ve got my number. :wink: