How about 1 moive split to 2 DVD's?

I know this is reverse thinking, but if I ask the question, and get an answer, perhaps there are others that will also get an answer on doing something similar.

CASE: Pearl Harbor

SITUIATION: main movie is spread 80 some percent on first disc then the small remainder of the movie is on 2nd disc

PROBLEM: Main movie is so large that the resulting image in DVD2ONE on disc one is not good… rather pixilated to be kind. Second disc from rip/DVD2ONE/BURN is great… and only takes up about 1/2 of the DVD disc.

SOLUTION: Take the burden of compression and spread it more evenly for the movie by having the movie split more 50 / 50 rather than 80/20 . Since there is so much empty space on the 2nd disc, more info could have easily been utilized on 2nd disc.

Rather than try to put the whole movie onto 1 disc, as I was thinking originally, I need to see how to change the original structure of the movie and split it more evenly B4 DVD2ONE has a chance to do it’s magic.

Has anyone played around with this movie?

BTW the 2 disc I burned with Nero do play fine on stand alone Apex DVD player… just not very good on the first one is all.


@ vljenewein,

I believe the provided link details how to Split a DVD to 2 DVD-Rs is what you are looking for.


Just how many minutes of video can you fit on 4.7GB? I guess it would be larger with 5.1 sound…?

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[B]@ vljenewein,

I believe the provided link details how to Split a DVD to 2 DVD-Rs is what you are looking for.

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PS: If forum members are interested Derrow has been gracious and has provided a list of “Guides” he has prepared which might prove to be useful to Forum Members.