How 2 save directory/file copy list?

I copy the same group of my folders to a DVD.

Is there a way to save the list of folders to automatically enter the group rather than dragging each one?


Aren’t you given the option to save the compilation? If you reload that, won’t it put the files as you would like, or is something else going on?

Your question somewhat vague if you explain it letter more clearly may be some of us have better answer for you.

Thanks. I used to get a “Save compilation?” message but no longer do.
How Can I get it back, or would I get the same result by using “file/save”?

I don’t see the option to go back to a default message right now. You might not get the message if the compilation was already saved and not changed.

I just saved one and closed Nero Burning ROM and opened it back up and loaded the saved compilation, and the files I had selected returned to their position I had put them. I believe this is what you are asking, so it works for me. The file extensions are .nri for the saved compilations.

I second to that.