How 2 read data dvds

i had expected my new software to come on cd but it has arrived on data dvd-r and i have no idea how to open install read it? help please :sad:

If you have a DVD-ROM (only reads DVD), combo CDRW/DVD (records CDs/reads DVD)or DVD burner (records and read DVD) just do what you would if the software was in a CD.

By the way - red “ink” it is not as polite as it should…

right sorry for the red ink , didnt know. oh yeah and thanks for replying.anyway what you said is what i thought. so when i put my data dvd in my dvd/cd rw drive double click on the drive icon in "my computer"which is now marked dvd rom it goes to the d: drive window but shows no folders but “details” tells me that the dvd is full and i know theres stuff on there because when i virus checked it i watched the file names go by. i use my laptop for running a music studio and need this software to start crunching beats again any more advice ??? :sad:

Just right click on the drive in “My Computer” and choose open or explore. If the disc does not autostart, then you need to find the “install icon” .

ok tried that, open instead of double click, still nothing comes up. tried same on another computer, nothing, looked again with virus check and watched all my lovely files wiz by. whats going on .is it poss that when disk was burned it was not closed off proper ??? :sad:

god, now im replying to myself. but exciting (sic) new developements downloaded demo dvd data rescue program, set to work. it found 10000 odd files,but because only demo, it would only let me rescue one file. which i did, the first one, which was a text blurb by dude from whom i bought dvd saying how easy the disc is to load up ( yeah right ). anyway that proves theres stuff on there, but with the data rescue program there seemed to be no way just to select all files and folders and rescue. you must select 1 at a time! hmm bet id mess that up big time so buying full version prob bad idea. anyway maybe i am barking up wrong tree. the files are all there , it must be poss to open them. need advice :confused: maybe i should throw dvd in rubbish bin. doing my head in now , need to make music. but hate to give up on problems still :sad: ing. and want to be :smiley:

Just get them to send you a known working disk. Otherwise ask for your money back.

:smiley: at last
well that was a 3 day wild goose chase. the data dvd is working but the files were hidden. was just about to use a hacksaw 2 open disk. when discovered “my computer” open drive, tools, view, show hidden files. bingo. at last music studio running again well thanks 4 dat help :bow:

Oh, Geez… I guess somebody here should have guessed that one !?!
Data Rescue Program, Hacksaw 2 ??
And this disc that you bought is comprised of “hidden files.”
(knowing that most members here have Windows set to “show hidden…”)
Huh? On a purchased item?

That sounds like a really legal and above-board thing you are doing there.
Perhaps, you might want to peruse the rules of this board.
Just a passing thought…