How 2 merge two DVDs - no menus or anything



Dear all,

I have 2 DVDs which are together would fit on one DVD. I’ve created a 1:1 copy on my HDD and I’d like to copy both to a single DVD. I don’t care about menus etc and only one audio channel is present.

My question is which tool should I use for this purpose? Of course I’d like to play this DVD in a standalone device…

A free solution would be nice. I can demux the tracks if needed with SmartRipper for example - I’m not a total newbie here just not familiar with DVD authoring beyond DVDShrink :slight_smile:



you can do this with DVDShrink in re-author mode

rip both disks two seperate folders on your hd

start Shrink
choose re-author mode
select the 1st movie
select the 2nd movie
re-author the disk