How 2 create a autostart.ini for a MP3 cd?




I have a CD full with MP3's and I want that the *.m3u is played automaticly by Winamp. I heard that I have to make a 'autostart.ini' file on the cd for it, but don't know how....

Does anyone know how to do this?




autostart.inf would the the correct filename.

If m3u files are associated with WinAmp then I believe all you have to put in the file autostart.inf is the following:


I don’t exactly know whether it will open WinAmp with this, but I don’t know if the works:

open="c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe" file.m3u

But I think the first option will work.
You can always try on a rewritable, so if it doesn’t work, nothing’s lost


Thanks for the answer!

I’ve found out even more in the meantime, but it still doesn’t work like I would like… :frowning:

I have made a autorun.inf file, but it only starts up Winamp, not my .m3u list…

I tried this:

OPEN=“c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe”

and this:

OPEN=“c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe” test.m3u

But both didn’t work… What I am doing wrong?



Try TaxMans First option…

Or better yet try to double click on on the .m3u file… If you do that and it start playing… Then go for the first option.



Just tried some things found out how it works! The trick is doing this:

OPEN=c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe test.m3u

This works!!!

JoKuM:Dn test


if you put the absolute path in autorun.inf, your CD works fine only on PC with “standard” winpamp installation (on mine winamp is located on disk e: :))



Indeed. If you want to give the CDs to other people you can better put a winamp version on the CD itself. If you only use the CDs for personal use u can link to c:\program files etc…