How 2 Change Cableselect into Master/Slave?!?!?!


I got a Notebook and want to use this Slimline Drive:
SOSW-852S <— this uses “CableSelect” and doesn´t work.

How can I change this setting into “Slave” ?!?!?

Please help me…

Welcome :). The master/slave selection is done by software. Before you change anything, give more details about your problem. Post the text output of nero infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button, so we can have a look at your config. If you have a cdrom in the internal bay, keep it in your notebook when you use infotool.

My Notebook: “Medion MD 5400” only got a CD-RW Drive installed. I want to burn DVDs, so I have to put a new Drive into my Notebook.
I bought a DVD-RW Drive from EBay, and the current setting is CableSelect.

When I put it into the Notebook you can´t see it in Bios!!! And Windows doesn´t start. So I installed the newest Bios for my Notebook but it still doesn´t work. Now I think with changing the Cableselect it might work…

But how do I change it? And where can I find the right firmware for my Problem?

I bought the Sony DW-D56A which is an OEM LiteOn SOSW-852S. I discovered the same problem you mentioned in your first post :confused:
My Notebook is a IBM A21e and I haven’t found a solution yet. I’m now looking for original LiteOn firmware to crossflash it with the ‘slave’-configuration. I will post the results as soon as it is done.

If you can remove the cable to work on it, convert the cable to CS mode

YES, that’s all ther is to a CS cable, one wire cut between the middle (CS=Master) and the end (CS=Slave).

Where there is no cut, CS will assume MASTER, and conflict with an existing drive in MASTER, making both inaccessible.

The IDIOT that decided to put the setting as part of the firmware, should be hung from an IDE cable!

Hi Guys,

I found a tool to reset the Master/Slave setting for the LiteOn SOSW-852s. It can be found on this page . It was quite hard to find, because of the Polish language…
I think we can thank SoBal for this piece of work. It seems that it is a cracked version of IDE Location Changer which was designed for the Sony CRX830E.


i think there’s a program on codekings web site in utillities that
Changes the master/slave setting for jumperless LiteOn laptop drives
not sure if this will help but its worth a look.

The hacked version works like a treat on the SOSW-852S

However the one on codeguys web site unfortunatley does not, I think it might be time codguys did some code changing :wink:

Can now change Slave, Master or CS (cable select)

Can someone post a link to the website that has the working program? czr mentioned that the hacked version works great and I am having the same problems with the master and slave on my Lite-On drive. Thanks.

Poster #6 has the link to a Polish(?) forum, and the 6th post in that link has the link to the file.

Hope I made sence.

If you still have problems I’ll upload it on our webserver and post a link to it

Thank you, I was not sure if that was the hacked version that they were talking about. I will give it a try in the morning when I get home. Thanks for the help guys. :wink:

Does someone know where I can find a similair tool for Pioneer notebook drives (DVR-K14 / DVR-K15) on the internet? Thanks…

According to LasVegas there’s no similair tool for Pioneer slimline drives because the Pioneer hardware works different. Hmm, that’s a pity.

:bow:i have the sam problam with downloading this hack program could somone mail it to m ? on