How 2 backup gameshark v2.1 4 psx and ps2

I just purchased gameshark v2.1, two cd’s and memory, one was to boot psx games and the other was for booting ps2. I have tried backing up the discs with nero, blindread/blindwrite, clonecd, and all with no luck. I would appreciate any comments or feedbacks. thanks!!!

cdrwin3.8 seems to be good with backing up psx disks, but they always need (??) to be patched and the psx need to have a modchip

My friend bought same about a year ago and he has the same problem, there getting pretty scratched up now. A bit ironic really, a disc used for booting backups is so hard to backup itself!!! :confused:

I’ve tried the same with a lite-on 165H & 48126s (flashed to 48246s), a scsi matushita 7502, and sony crx1611, pioneer dvd116. Only the matsushita and Lite-On DVD can read them (in the case of the DVD badly).

Unfortunately, they have the same problems as all PSX discs, they have some sort of region data in the postgap, and no-one can figure out how to read?/write it properly, so for now, no-one can make a working copy of these discs. They don’t seem to have any other CP on them!

If you want to know more read this thread in the technical forum. In it you can read the protection (region data) is stored in a special wobble (normally atip info is encoded in the wobble on a cdr). So in order to copy it you need a pressing machine or special Sony prepared recordables with the right wobble encoded on the cd.