House votes & approves sweeping © bill to target P2P pirates

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 To help fight online file sharing piracy, the House  of Representatives have voted and approved a sweeping copyright bill in an aim  to help fight online file sharing piracy.  This bill...
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“The bill also makes it a criminal offence to make authorised recordings in a cinema…” I think you mean UNauthorised :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m lucky to be in Europe…it seems that USA has a dictatorship ruled by corporations instead of a true democracy.
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Thank christ you aint got oil…:X

Does this imply all P2P users, are evil pirates stealing from those poor and unfortunate copyright holders??? or is one shot pay per use self destructing digital media files coming to protect the poor unfortunate users from this evil temptation. Ha Ha(with apologies to nelson)

I’m DONE with music and movies!!! I’ll show 'em who’s boss… I’ll read a book!!! But maybe the book industry is really behind it all and I’m falling into their clutches instead… Arggg!!!

Thanks. :wink: Can’t believe I did not spot this earlier.
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Oh! I get it, Copyright Piracy is more important than the war on terrorism! When another tower is brought down because there was not enough money spent on the detection of terrorists, the MPPA can at least sleep easy in the knowledge they have locked up all the downloader’s they could find! With at least every second household in this country (Aus) having at least one pirated movie (average) I think I might start buying shares in the companies running the privatized jails! Then again with most of the population in jail for copyright theft who’s going to attend their movie screenings? What a way to run a business, sue and jail your customers out of existence! Where did these clowns running the RIAA and the MPAA get their economics degrees, a Cornflakes packet,?

“offending users who make $ 1,000 or more worth of copyright material publicly available…” How the hell are they going to stick a value to a file? Ipod/napster pricing? This is quite murky!

Criminalizing p2p reminds me the never-never madness of the drugwar – plus one looking glass. I always point out that if a million people are in jail in the U.S. at any one time for drugs, then: 1) millions must get incarcerated over the years or at least decades, which means; 2) tens of million of perfectly functioning persons must get lives screws up with felony convictions (I know such); 3) hundreds of millions must be saved from drug addiction to justify this end-justifies-the-means means. Perhaps a few thousand in reality, perhaps not. Now, we are going to use the same rule or ruin of millions tack to stop folks from TRADING MUSIC!!! Unless they are passing a law not to enforce but just to scare – not exactly how legislatures like to see themselves or their role. Prosecution may be forced to take the all or nobody at all approach, however, since selective enforcement is supposedly unconstitutional. I presume the U.S. Senate has not yet voted for this. Just write in the above comparison in to them (I will) and the trade-and-become-a-slave act could die right there. Denis Drew
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“I’m lucky to be in Europe…it seems that USA has a dictatorship ruled by corporations instead of a true democracy.” Yes, it’s called Fascism. Just like in Europe in the 40s under Mussolini and Hitler. The American President Bush and his Republican party is a closet fascist organization. Pray they are defeated in November.

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DON´T be FOOLed! Bush and his opponenet is THE SAME! Kare (i think this is his name - i don´t remind) is THE SAME as Bush! Kare could be less harder and less idiot as Bush, BUT Kare has the SAME compromise! AND the compromise is: richier America, a controlled world by american power and dictatorship, less freedom and more Imperialism, USA robbing another nation natural resources and in the same time maintain tight control over their ‘goods’, more surveillance and less human rights and respect for the ppl and citizens, make another laws to break human rights and freedom and make the capitalist ppl more richier! Don´t U SEE ppl, that Kare has the SAME compromises$ as Bush! U disagree ? So WHO´s Putting Kare THERE to ‘compete’ with Bush, huh ? You ? I don´t think so. The american president DOESNT HAVE REAL POWER! THEY´RE POPPETS!!! They ONLY serves the military ppl, the greed of major capitalism ppl for more money and CONTROL over ppl, and the Illuminati ppl! U disagree ? U THINK that the assassination of Kennedy was coincidence ? Was the mobsters ? Was Castro friend’s ? Nah! Kennedy was assassined BECAUSE he DON´T do his ‘homework’ properly! Wake UP ppl!, there’s NO DEMOCRACY! Democracy is a DREAM that EVER come true! Is Like socialism - Socialism in the paper are GOOD - in the pratice was BAD BECAUSE of the dictatorship around Socialism! Democracy in the paper is excellent! - the power from the ppl and BY the ppl! - but in pratice DOESNT EXIST! It´s a DREAM! U Disagree ? U see the LAST US pres. Ellection that BUSH LOOSES and even that he wins ? The Supreme Court don´t WANT to be involved and maintain the ‘veredict’ on the FRAUDED votes from Florida! The Supreme Court? Yeah… Know U SEE that the EVIL are in ALL the places! U couldn´t TRUST to anyone anymore! HUMAN RIGHTS ? Nah! Right for the capitalist ppl to be more richier! Now ABOU KARE. Kare says he MAINTAIN his ‘war aggainst terrorism’. SAME AS BUSH! If U think 'it´s not bad maintain a ‘war aggainst terrorism since US is their main target at least NOW that US invaded, ASSAULT, kill and robber Irak like a Killer Chief, an assassin’ BUT they use this SAME PREMISE to INVADE IRAK, to ROBBER Irak oil, TO KILL IRan disarmed civilians ands destroy his country/homes! BUT they use this SAME PREMISE to BREAK US citizens human rights and freedom, phones traps, citizens survillence, breaking laws and human rights! AND KARE, DARE to say he WILL ‘modernize’ American Army to ‘combate terrorism’ AS IF US Army is not frightning ULTRA POWERFULL already! AS if US have not THOUSANDS of nuclear bombs and chemical and virtotic weapons already! As if ECHELON aren´t WATCHING closely US already, eve now! HOW Kare DARE to ‘modernize’ his EVIL that are US Amry forces that could cause an third world war and has the power to INVADE, distroy and assault any country they want!! THIS EVIL boys! EVIL! And KARE says the army NEEDS to be modernized ? HOW if it is already ? With Alien spacecrafts ? With immortality ? It´s SCARES a lot! KARE is NOT differente as BUSH! As Clinton was NOT that angel compared to BUSH! ALL are/was PUPPETS for the military ppl, capitalism, imperialism, dictatorship, EVIL, for the RICHIE US capitalism ppl and Illuminati… AND YOU SAY X or Y will wins… THEY ALREADY WINS! Because Kare are already choosen to be another Bush! It DONT CARE if Kare or Bush wins, they WILL SERVE the SAME ppl as they always serve since the death of Lincoln! And the results of the votation could be FAKED if they want! HOW PUT KARES there ? YOU ? You KNOW him before this election ? And BUSH, how PUT Bush in the last campaing ? YOU ? Nah! And talk about democracy! IF THERE’S A DEMOCRACY - power for the ppl BY the ppl - EVERY LAW they passes, INSTEAD of ONLY the politicians voting, U as a citizen HAS to had a chance to VOTE ultimatelly IF U WANT that new law passed!!! BUT NO, u are NOT contacted! They passing laws AGGAINST U WITHOU UR APPROVATION OR KNOWLEDGE! THIS IS DEMOCRACY ? And for PPL protesting aggainst more restristive laws that are passed ANYWAY, only to grace capitalism ppl AGGAINST UR HUMAN RIGHTS, huh ? THEY signed the SIDE THEY ARE - THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY - it´s DICTATORSHIP WITH THE SMILE FACE OF SWEET DEMOCRACY IN FRONT! NEW LAWS is LIKE an NEW CONTRACT - U HAD to KNOW ur rights and dutties - AND U HAD TO HAVE THE RIGHT to signed (make ur signature) OR NOT if u AGREE with that contract or not!!! NO, in the silence of NIGHT they signed an contract without ur knowledge AGGAINST U that u frankly disagree!!! Wake Up PPL!!! There´s NO DEMOCRACY - it´s a type of DICTATORSHIP the DIFFERENCE Of Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and HITLER is THAT they ASSUME it´s a dictatorship! and american presidents and HIS ‘democracy’ it’s an MASK of the TRUTH that his dicatorship!!! Congress either!!! Judiciary are moving to that way too!!! It´s a Big Brother Scenario and moving slowly to a GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP with Washing the main brain behind it!!! Well, IF Hittler could watch this he will be laughing all the way! What his loses with this III Reich, the US could wins with his IV Reich reign of Terror, Tirany and dictatorship!!! Roman Empire II ? Maybe… NOW the time is more confusing and WORSE - since they USE emblems like ‘America, the place of freedom and democracy’ like an MASK to uncover his evil intentions! And know something ? U KNOW how was responsible for the power of Hittler ? The capitalis ppl!!! THEY flow in money to Germany to make Germany an military superpower in the 30’s ONLY to Hittler to INVADE Soviet Union! Way ? Because Soviet Union Was the TRIUNF of Socialism (welll… with some dictatorship… like i daid - BUT WAS an OPPONENT to capitalism! - AND USA and other countries DOESNT LIKE this ‘competition’). Well… Hitller had othe plans! He invades Soviet Union (to defeat socialism - like US secret WANTS!) BUT Hittler gone mad and want the world too! hehehhe. NOW US and the nations that creates the monsters to HELP HIM defeat the socialism (in the same time US maintain a face of angel and innocence), turn AGGAINST HIM!!! hehehehe. And want happends ? Destroy the monster! WWII! hehehe. BUT after WWII the Soviet Union continues on foot! are NOT destruted and socilism WAS strong that ever that time! What US gonne do! Terror! Atomic Bombs! Spies! Macartism! Soviet Union is EVIL - they said! Socialism is EVIL - they said! hehehehe Soviet Unio couldn´t COMPETE aggainst capitalist ppl and US! Why ? They DONT have infinite ressources of money like US had… The Could War (and Soviet Unio) ended and loses ONLY because the poor had to lose FIRST! hehehe. Don´t fool for urlsef! It´s ALL ´bout money, control and dictatorship - nothing less, nothing more! ECHELON links Cia. [ ]´s

It’s only a matter of time before P2P networks will be superseded by more sophisticated file sharing technology which will include usable encryption. Legislating for the criminalization of P2P copyright theft is a complete waste of time on many levels, not least is the sheer impossibility of prosecuting practically everyone that uses a computer with a net connection.

Does anybody know what percentage of file sharers they are actually going after? It still seems that they are only going after a very small percentage to try to scare us. Exactlly how many 13 year old girls and and poor college students do they plan on prosocuting? It almost seems like prohibition. Nothing they do is even going to put a dent in file sharing. Their unstoppable greed may backfire on them though (I hope). Alternative online record labels are starting to seem pretty atractive compared to these monsters! Thats the best way to fight their greed, get your music somewhere else. Somewhere that treats artists as well as coustomers with some respect!

I don’t think they can pass a criminal law with the intention of just scaring people by prosecuting a few examples a year – that sounds like the definition of selective enforcement, forcing the Supreme Court to really hold it’s nose (selective being the deliberate intention in that case) and say: unconstitutional! Anything can happen. In any case it only got through because nobody is watching the store for the average guy anymore in de-unionized America (more on that) and the public was never was consulted. Imagine thousands of criminal prosecutions a year – on the level of the law suits – imagine thousands of middle class white folks going away fir hard jail time for trading songs (federal sentences follow mandatory guidelines – leaving little leeway for judges). The criminalization of p2p wont last past first round of trials once the public wakes up and realizes it is happening. Our frantic friend above, jcsm2k3, is right about corporations ruling America but that is only because American labor hasn’t woken up and smelled the union coffee yet. Don’t be surprised if in a five or ten years America is not unionized from head to toe via mandatory federal law – that is the way for us to make up for lost time and that is what will be coming over hear, I hope. Denis Drew