House Season 1

Trying to back up my six disc set of House m.d. Season 1. I’ve had success backing up disc 5 & 6 but I’m having a hell of a time with disc 1 & 2. I"m using anydvd and Clone 2 ver. It’s just giving me an unexpected error. I"ve tried dvd43 also with no avail. then I’ve tried using anydvd with with VideoVault with no satisfaction. Dvd43 on VideoVault also.
Has anyone had success and if so please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thank You



I backed up my copy using AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2. Are you backing up to dual layer disc’s? It may be the media that you are using. Have you tried a different brand of media?


I’m not even getting to to the burn part. But the media I use to back up my movies are Sony dvd-r and maxell dvd-r. I do have some memorex dvd+r DL. I"m going to try once again. I did get disc 3 and 4 to copy just seem to be having problems with disc 1. This by the way is my second go around with disc 1.

try ripping the disk first with dvdFab decrypter

I"ll try that but first I’m going to try ripping it with anydvd to my hard drive. I do have have defab also and will give that a shot. As it turns out I"m only having trouble with disc one. This is my Second disc one I’ve tried might just be bad luck. I will return it if these solutions don’t work. Thank you for the help.

Ok my follow up. Thank you for all your help. What I ended up doing was getting another copy of Disk 1…that would make it my 3rd resulting in the same TC Sector error everytime. So now that I had determined it wasn’t the disk and it was my resources. ( Current version on anydvd, and clone2…also trying dvd43 and Video Vault. Using all combinations of the 4 but not anydvd and dvd43 at the same time) Well anydvd and clone2 had made me lazy and went back to the old standby DVd Decrypter and Shrink Dvd…WaLa. Success finally. Even though it took me a lot longer to rip and burn than anydvd and clone it would have saved me a lot of work to just use ol reliable…Thank you adict and Eric for your help.