House of wax help!

hey guys, im a newbie to the forum but not a newbie to burning movies. my latest burning adventure is giving me a headache. i am using, decrypter, anydvd, dvd43, dvd region + css, clondedvd you name it, im using it. however i cant seem to rip house of wax to my hard drive, as it gets stuck on 51% at the vts_02_4.vob file as well as some others…i was wondering if there were any psl2 files out there for this movie, or if anyone has backed it up successfully?

Just tried it. House of Wax copied without any issues (main movie only) using AnyDVD and CloneDVD.

Having AnyDVD and DVD43 on the same computer has been reported to be a problem. You should remove dvd43 and stick with AnyDVD.

Have you checked the original for errors? Scratches? Does the original play in you stand alone player?

Did a seach to be sure. No one else has problems with this movie including me (R1 USA Widescreen).

So problem is on your end assuming you have same:

  1. You must have AnyDVD latest version if you want to have DVD43 on the same machine.

  2. If that doesn’t fix you, try ripping the movie from your burner drive rather that your DVD-ROM drive.

  3. The original’s surface is dirty, scratched, dinged, or flawed at vts_02_4.vob

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well im not running both at the same time…i mainly use anydvd and decrypter…and the disc is definately not dirty nor is there any scratches…so i dunno whats going on

Thats not what either one of us said. DVD43 conflicts even if you are not running it. You can’t even have it installed on the same computer as AnyDVD unless you are running the latest Follow the link I gave you above and read the changelog (History) for You are three versions out of date (2 beta versions and 1 official version behind in updates).

If you choose not to uninstall (Yes or No choice) DVD43 when you run setup for, then AnyDVD will simply disable DVD43’s unstable elements (codec conflict, I think) when and only when you are running AnyDVD. If you shut down AnyDVD, the DVD43 runs again per James of Slysoft. Read through this thread:

AnyDVD is updated more often, to combat new protections, than DVD43, and is a better choice for new movies.