House of the Dead 2 Error

No, the remove adverts and trailers is disabled.

What happens if you check it off? Try the two options that are listed below that selection. You can test this without burning by playing the original disc on your computer with Anydvd running.

I guess James hasn’t looked at your ifos yet. There’s not much anyone here can really do about your problem–other than Slysoft.

Unless, you want to fool around with pcgedit or other programs.

The only other option is to do a movie only backup in the meantime.

I know, but I haven’t found a reason why this might happen from looking on the .ifo files. Having the real disc would be nice. Do you have Amazon in Spain?

I am having internet connection problems lately. I bought a rental copy of House of the Dead 2 in the videoclub. They had 3 movies of HD2 ( it’s called “El amanecer de los zombies” here) because it can’t be bought yet. I don’t know why at the end of the movie, it goes to the beginning again. This doesn’t happen if anydvd is disabled.

with RipIt4Me, it rips the full dvd without the bug I said. James, maybe the solution is not in the movie ifos, but in the extras. How is it possible that RipIt4Me rips House of the deAD 2 without going to the beginning of the movie again and anydvd doesn’t?

Because AnyDVD and Rip4Me are different programs and work in different ways. Did you try the AnyDVd ripper?

I tried it, but the same result. This has to be a menu problem or similar…

Are you using Anydvd ?


I really think it the disc. But only trying a different one will tell.

It’s not the disk, because I have changed it by another one of the 3 House of the Dead 2 movies they have there :frowning:

Well, we have DvdGo. It’s an internet shop. You can find “el amanecer de los zombies” there. It’s a professional shop. After checking the two dvds I have had, I am sure that the problem reside in anydvd itself. This can be a new copy protection that anydvd can’t solve at all.

James, have you obtained this movie? There’s 2 good spanish sites you can obtain this title: DvdGo and Moviesdistribucion ( In Spain it’s called El amanecer de los zombies. I’ve tried the last anydvd beta ( and it’s not fixed.