House of the Dead 2 Error

i get this error at 47%
File 1 F:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_3.VOB 23 TCSectorReader

i am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2

should i copy the vob and send it in?

No copy the IFOs notice plural, and send those in. I knew what you meant I just had to say that. :bigsmile:

/shake fist grrr

Glad to of helped you out.

Hey, There is a bug in this movie in region 2 (Spain). with anydvd, once the movie ends, after the credits there is a small scene of 1 character, and then it goes to the beginning of the movie again, without going to Menu.

Disable AnyDVD and play the movie again. Does it play properly? If it now does you should send the IFOs to Slysoft.

Yes, it does play properly without having anydvd enabled. How can I do that ( IFOs) ?

Kintarovsky -

The below Forum Link provides detailed information on how to correctly send the necessary .IFO Files to SlySoft for analysis ->


No, update to AnyDVD first. If it still doesn’t work, send the .ifo files. :slight_smile:

Are you running the newest AnyDVD version

Yes, the last one.

Kintarovsky -

As posted in my #8 posting suggest sending the necessary .IFO Files to SlySoft for analysis ->

With the necessary .IFO Files SlySoft can analyze the files and if necessary can improve and updated the AnyDVD software program.


HAve anyone of you tried the AD ripper
sometimes it will work if there is sometype of disk defect

if not it may be a new protection for you region (please tell us so other members in a similar region may chip in)

the easiest way to get the .ifo files is
turn AD off = very important
insert disk into drive
right click on your optical drive icon in my computer and hit explore
open VIDEO_TS folder
at the top of windows there should be a search button : hit it
do a search for *.ifo
in about a second all the .ifo files will be neatly lined up
select the first on and then hit CTRL-A and drag them all into folder on your hdd called the name of the move
zip this folder and email to SS along with details of problem , region code and place of purchase

I’ve sent the ifo files to I hope that they will fix it

Just a note, it is unpolite to post email addresses, as they will be picked up by spam robots.

ok, sorry, I didn’t know

Slysoft, has it been fixed in the new version? I sent you a mail with the IFO files.

Try it. :slight_smile:

No news…It’s not fixed yet :frowning:

Hmm, sounds like one faulty pointer involving menus.

Is “Remove adverts and trailers” unchecked in Anydvd? If not, try unchecking it.

Also, chances are you could do a movie only backup if you wanted.