House of Flying Daggers

I must say, I have copied 86 movies thus far without any trouble at all, by simply using DVD Shrink. It’s lots of fun testing and seeing the limitaons of what my Hardware/Software can or can’t do, and I just get a thrill when I can copy any game or movie or what not, especially when I know it is protected. Then again, I think all the real cdfreaks here feel the same… :wink:

Well, House of Flying dragons posed as my first real challenge, and I wasted two discs on it.

DVD Shrink would get stuck and not be able to read past 34% or sometimes 35%, it would just hang. So, I tried DVD Decrypter.

DVDD was able to read a full copy, but dumping the results into Nero resulted in an error message that the IFO file was corrupt and an unplayable DVD would result.

Well, finally I sat there and though hard about what to do next, so I tried something new, in DVDD I made an ISO on the HDD. Then I managed to open the ISO in DVD Shrink, and alas, I was able to copy the DVD.

Well, I got like 5min of dead black space in my copy, I guess from the Sony copy protection. OK now, time to try again.

In re-author mode, I took out the beginning… and finally, a beautiful workable copy.

I have yet to try a full copy with menu’s, and will see how that works out, will keep everyone posted.

For anyone else with trouble to copying this, I hope my procedure can be helpful.

Guess DVDD is not just quite dead yet :bigsmile: