House leader wants investigation of 'Carnivore'



I just posted the article House leader wants investigation of ‘Carnivore’.

While echelon is the most famoust`s,There are more systems to monitor the internet by the goverments like this one…

A powerful house lawmaker asked the FBI to re-examine the extent to…

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Ya well what about spyware. The other day I found one from that actually wrote a .dll to my system. Great job, when deleted it wipes out your winsock file. No e-mail,web browser nothing all gone. And when questioned about it all you say is to bad, we have the right to do it. I feel it is the true crime here. O ya if want to delete it here ya go. What a joke.


I totally agree spyware is going way to far. It seems like i am cleaning it out of my system constantly most of it makes the system unstable uses up your bandwidth and i have no clue how it manages to get there i can never recall installing anything that asked me for permission to put its spyware on my system frankly something need to be done.


dont u.s. law give you the right to protect your property with firearms? :4