Hottest Warez scene




I was thinking,about what country is the hottest warez scene. I think Holland is it.
If you know that you can buy cd-recorders in every shop, where do you think that all the people use the recorder for… And then if you go to school and there’s a boy comming to you and ask you if you want to buy the lattest warez cd… The only thing I want to say that Holland Rulez !!! In the warez scene !!



Yep, and let’s hope that they will do this forever, otherwise i’ll have to find another source to get my cd’z


forever: holland & cd’z


The Netherlands RuLe!!!


CD Burner is cheap in the USA

only $99 for an average one


jep holland is the hottest in it


Well, Denmark isn´t far behind you guys :slight_smile:
Good thing there is room for us all.


Hmm, and it will be more fun when they make a standard about DVD writers and when a blank recordable DVD will get cheaper…
Hmm, 17 a 18gig of backup, sounds great! hehe

Best Regards,



hehe, jeah of “backup”


yes I tnink so to!!!

most of the mp3 pages are stored on server from wannadoo and more dutch providers!!!

(let er eens op!!!)


And those servers happen to be faster than most us servers…


wll lads, i have to agree that there is much warez in Holland. Way to go!.


Yes we RULES!!!