Hotswapping damaging?

Is hotswapping CD drives (use one to boot into DOS and only DOS, then pulling it out of the notebook, then putting in diff new drive) damaging to the drives, the motherboard, or anything? Is it risky, but may not really damage anything or? I just need to know because this may be my only option! :frowning:

no response yet…?

i have done it with a liteon cdwriter that windows would`nt recognise i unplugged the drive booted into dos and then plugged in the drive and flashed the drive to a working one again

                cheers   bighun1952

By looking at the timing of your two posts (51 min apart), I understand your need for hotswapping: You don’t have much patience :wink:

Unfortunately I cannot help you - I have only a subminuature notebook with now internal drive at all and a couple of stationary computers, so the issue is unknown to me.


First off, the hot swapping worked flawlessly and perfectly…!!!

Secondly… LIGGY YOU ARE A GAWD! I OWE YOU SO MUCH HOLY CRAP! I am just about the happiest person right now!!!

Why me? I didn’t do anything. :eek:

Keep doing it & the praise will roll in :wink:
I figure … in a few years of veging on the couch … you’ll be so popular, you can start you own tax free cult … and live like a god :wink:

Something like this one? :confused:

heh or

I just succesfully fixed my drive after thinking for a while I was totally screwed or was going to have to wait and do some crazy things such as buying an IDE converter and hooking it up to someone else’s computer… but thank goodness I didn’t. I owe it up to you for even writing/creating all these firmware updates and whatnot! :bow: