Hotmail: Your password was too long, so we fixed it for you

Earlier this year, about 6.5 million LinkedIn account password hashes were published on a hackers’ forum. The hashes were simple SHA1 digests computed from the user’s passwords, as stored into the LinkedIn backend infrastructure.



Nice article really makes me want to use email with live id with windows 8 with all my info including credit card info to buy apps with and skydrive it only goes to show that there is no really safe database anywhere and I assume by that article that Microsoft cares even less whether the end consumer is protected no MS store for me and windows 8.

wow, what pathetic m0r0ns.

[QUOTE=chef;2656343]wow, what pathetic m0r0ns.[/QUOTE] No, no, that is more than the allowed 16 characters for your password! :stuck_out_tongue:

Minimal length of posting characters granted. :smiley: