Hotmail HTTPS protection disabled, Microsoft says it was a glitch



Hotmail HTTPS protection disabled, Microsoft says it was a glitch.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Residents of over a dozen countries were affected last week by an issue that disabled their Hotmail HTTPS, leaving them unable to turn the security measure back on.

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Yes I’m sure the average american has nothing to fear about his government eavesdropping on him. After all, they would never do such a nasty thing…


I’m sure that the eaves droppers were fascinated by the several e-mail messages I sent to friends with hotmail accounts

“Hey, newegg has the 500gb BLACK notebook drive on sale”

Or “Stop at Walmart and grab a jug of handcleaner on your way here to work your brakes”

Yeah, I’m sure the earth would shake if they couldn’t read those messages…

If I were really sending anything “secret” it wouldbe those phrases above sent to specific people ar preplanned code phrases and they wouldn’t know what they mean anyway…

Communications intercepts are so rarely anything but “noise” hiding the real message so as to defy logic that they ever intercept anything useful…



I hear Bin Laden bought a 500gb BLACK notebook at newegg!
Khadafi was seen at walmart.