Hotmail blocks Chello

I just posted the article Hotmail blocks Chello.

Today I read in a free Dutch paper that Hotmail blocked all mail from Chello, a Dutch cable ISP. All emails sent by Chello customers, using their Chello mail ( will be blocked. How…

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block from chello call it a delay thing I sent a mail form my chello account to my hotmail account just to test it. The mail has arrived with 1 day of delay

How do they know what’s in de e-mails? Do they read them? posted that info two days ago. It seemed some (already disconnected) chello members spammed a lot of hotmail users. Hotmail didn’t hesitate and blocked all a2000/chello/etc. users (Dutch UPC internet). :frowning: It is unknown until when it is going to last… DiONiX

thats news: … :slight_smile: funny smileys

Just seen in The hotmail problem for dutch chello users is solved.