Hotline - Read for Loads of Games

If U have never heard of Hotline then you are missing out on a truly great thing.

Basically its like Napster, allowing you to connect to someones computer and download the files they are giving u access to.

Why am I posting it here? Well for one if you are on a fast connection you will truly benefit from it, however if u have a T3 connection you could even create your own server.

If you create your own server, you can get people to Upload Films, Games, Mp3 whatever you want to you. If they do this, u give them Download access to your files. This way both parties are making something.

So if anyone out there has a really fast connection and loads of Games and DIvx Movies. start a Hotline Server amd Share your files, it’s allot easier than having to download from Websites and so on.

Oh and one last thing, u can RESUME downloads.

So goto Yahoo and search for Hotline Downloads. Download the CLient or Server whichever you want to be and begin to download at your hearts content.

If anyone is interested, please post your Server address here so people can join it and Upload files for You.