Hotfix,what is it doing to xp

In the last 5 months on a windows XP system .I keep getting additions to my Control Panel AddRemove programs.
Up to now I have 25 additions which are not new programs I have added but they are extra unknown additions called Hotfix and at this rate it will be 100 in 12 months.
It starts with the term HOTFIX.

As anyone else seen them in Add Remove.
What are they and can I remove them with no screwup of my system.

ERmmm, dude, where have you been the last 12 years !?

Hotfixes are around sinds NT 4.0, they fix urgent fuckups from M$ (really … they do make em ! :smiley: :smiley: )

But dude, no offense, just keep the hotfixes it just means that something that SHOULD be fixed got fixed thats all !

Dont uninstall !!!

BTW, didn’t you yurself install these mofo’s ? cuzzzz if you don’t then you still allow your copy of windows XP to connect to an MS site by itself …that’s not cool ! Turn it off at once dude !
Do it yurself once every two or three months !


and again, no harm intented !

The HotFIX entries are updates that correct different issues with Windows XP. You system is set by default to run “Automatic Updates” from the Windows Update site, hence the entries without prior knowledge. They are uninstallable, but then the problems and issues that they were meant to correct will still exist. You can turn off Automatic Update if it bothers you, then you will have to update manually if you so choose. This will allow you to select which updates get done.

if you look next to the word hotfix there will be a number starting with “Q” if you have disabled the internal cd burning of win xp then i suggest you uninstall the hotfix with the number “Q320174” this is the cd burning update from m$ which you dont want installed