Hot Swapped DVD Burners

HI guys, i wasn’t in the know about hot swapping and i think i may have dammaged two of my dvd burners by hot swapping (where the psu was still on and i plugged in the dvd burner). Well now they refuse to work, so obviously something has been damaged, is it fixable? and is there any possible damage to my PSU. im getting 1 dvd burner checked tomoro, just wondering if its worth my time or whether they are unable to repaor :sad:

Try booting to your Windows CD (or any bootable CD). IF they don’t boot, they’re dead.

what do u mean by dead, unable to be fixed? if i were to claim warranty would it be obvious that i have hot swapped? i didn’t know it was dangerous otherwise i wouldn’t’ve done it but alas i am a noob -.-

Dead = dead. As in fried, el morte, kapoot, beyond redemption.

Why would you make a warranty claim when [B]you[/B] killed them?

Generally, simply plugging them in should not kill them, so you might want to try them in a different PC to confirm that you don’t have a PSU problem.

well thanks for re-clarifying dead, i was asking as to whether it could be repaired, im still getting it checked for clarification. I was thinking of claiming warranty as i did as suggested and plugged it in, not until now was i completely aware of the dangers of Hot swapping however u may argue it was my duty to research it, it can be well said that not everyone researches into every aspect of their computer. As to trying it on a different PC, i have done that so it seems there is no problem [EDIT: on another problem someone suggest my PSU being damaged? :]
however this is peculiar:
when i hotswapped it (for the first time) on my newer computer, using a different molex plug, it works fine however using a lower molex plug kills the dvd burner (i have done this twice and now they are both gone) and well yeah, i found that odd. However the problem is the hotswapping, i will still enquire, it wasn’t overtly obvious even though i guess they make argue “i should’ve known better”=/ thanks for ur reply

If you make enough of a fuss they will probably swap it for you, but id rather lie to the people (if you bought it from a shop) and say you bought it but the drive could not be recognised. Then they will just assume that something went wrong in the manufacturing process, and they can claim their money back off of their supplier :smiley:

Who would do that with ODD?
Why did you do that???

he probably just assumed putting in a dvd burnner would be like attaching a usb device

What about taking responsibility for one’s actions? Isn’t that what grown-ups do?

what can i say… im not officially an adult :wink:
thats the product and where i got it from, well, i was thinking of perhaps getting it fixed? but that seems out of the question; claiming warranty might be hard seeing as i purchased the rig last year in september :frowning: and seeing as i may have unintentionally done the damage, well i dunno :frowning:

i was thinking along similar lines that it wouldn’t be damaged just plugging it in. Im not a big buff on the technical side of the computer but i have enough know-how to be able to put it together however that was rather simple.

ill look around for the manual if it came with any, wasn’t completely obvious that one shouldn’t just “plug it in”; perhaps that may be common knowledge but im sure i lack it :S its not as though i know the reprecussions of my actions and did it anyway; i simply had no idea that the drives would get damaged as such :\

niether, nor do i consider myself one, well not for a while at least

Would you change the processor or memory with the power on? The same goes for drives etc. I find it hard to believe that you are that nieve unless:-
You were the worse for drink.
At the time you had a mental aberration.
You are only 8 years old.
The little voice in your head told you to do it.
To do it once was an accident but twice?? :eek:

Im twice the age u suggested, as for changing the processor or memory that is ridiculous even to suggest seeing as they are VITAL components for the computer so its obvious. see, i didn’t “do the accident twice”; for some reason, hot swapping on my OLDER computer is fine, it works, no probs; BUT when i hot swap on a certain molex plug in my NEWER computer it stuffs up; well ive done that twice unintentionally/unknowingly

It is best practice when working on computers to power down before doing anything inside the case. The only hot swapping that works is when you have installed an HDD hot swap drive bay, an entirely different proposition. Also connecting drives via an external case and USB is also ok.

As windows needed to be rebooted to see the drive I still cannot see why you didn’t switch off?
It seems that you do not yet have the knowledge to change hardware etc so I would recommend getting a family member or knowledgeable friend to do it for you and by observing and asking questions you will also gain in knowledge.
By the way my previous comments were light hearted and not intended to insult.
We all have made daft mistakes in the past but have learned from them. It’s called experience. Have fun but be careful.