Hot Swap Method

Has anyone ever though of hotswapping disks to get around protected cd’s? I am currently working on HexaLock protection. It has two sessions, one recorded by the manufacturer, and a second burned by the “end user” aka person wanting to protect data. The first track is only 6megs big and has five “unreadable sectors” Now, the sectors can’t be read as Mode1 or even Mode2XA, but I put in an AUDIO CD, hot swapped (using WXRipper by gael360 to stop the drive spinning) and reread the data on those sectors. And I was able to read all 2352blocks of data, most being zeros.

So my question is this: If I can read the “raw” data by hotswapping a audio cd, how can I write this raw data back? Or rather, how can I modify the ISO image to reflect the new data, since the ISO image isn’t “raw” it’s already decoded.

Tools I used:
WXRipper to stop/start drive spin
paper clip to eject audio cd from drive
protected disk and respin drive using wxripper then rescan sector