Hot Swap 2 iHas624 32 B Drives for Firmware Download?

I have 2 iHas 624-32-B drives. One has been thru MtkFash erase firmware and is now bricked. I have tried L-O-Eras and MTKFlash to revive the drive from DOS but am unable to get FF72 Vendor Mode, from FF80 Busy. As a last resort before I give up do people think it would be possible to Hot swap either in windows (XP) or Dos starting the upgrade process with the working drive and finally swapping then writing firmware to the dead drive. I think the biggest obstacle is the move from Busy to Vendor. I assume the Official Lite-on upgrade software for windows would be the safest bet to send the right codes to change mode. I have done a lot of research on the forum but have not seen any info about trying to clone a drive or if it’s possible. Any guidance would be appreciated. I’d rather not try if I’m going to brick another drive.