Hot People

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yes…but…damn hands

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Droool! :bigsmile:

And how about Lara ? Isn’t she just gorgeous ?!

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Inserting pics in vBulletin forums are not difficult at all. Like I said in the post your system pics thread, all you need to do is find a cheap web host, upload the pic you wanna show in the main or image directory and you’re done. Write down the url of the pic and do the following

[ img ]put url here[ /img ] Take out the spaces

Bo: Yup, she’s a hottie too, especially in MIB 2. Mmmm… sexy alien in lingerie.

So, when the url is loaded you’ll get something like this :wink:

Stoner, is she still hotter ?

More! More I say! Maybe I should wake up the Hot Babes thread again. Now all I need to do is sign up for that e-rice budget packet and I’ll be on my way… although I could high jack my friend’s ftp again…