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I have some hot news about expected features of the the ND-3520A 16x Dual, ND-3540A 16x Dual and ND-4550A Super Multi (TBD) DVD Writers from NEC.

As is widely anticipated, the ND-3520 will have 4x DVD-R D/L support soon via a firmware upgrade. What is interesting is the planned 16x DVD RAM write support on the ND-4550A Super Multi (TBD) as well as 7x DVD-R D/L and 12x DVD+/-R RW support planned for the ND-3540A 16x Dual and ND-4550A Super Multi (TBD) drives as well as Light scribe support.

The future of DVD D/L and DVD RAM looks very good indeed!

Here is a table of the 3 Writers and their planned read/write support for various recordable media:

Here is the ‘RoadMap’ table of when we can expect these features to be introduced:

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NICE…next burner for me ->nec 4550A
any prise?


Whats the advantage of dvd ram, over any other media? The main difference?


No. This is al the info I’ve got so far.


no problem :wink: so we have to wait :smiley:


DVD-RAM can be used like Floppies (you can drag and drop and delete files in Explorer) and has better durability than DVD+/-RW. Also DVD-RAM is available in Cartridges (only if your burner allows it) and because of this they are better protected against dust or any other damage.


I find it very hard to find any concrete info on the durability of DVD+/-RW. Where did you find that DVD-RAM has better durability?
(Ok: I found some sites claiming 100,000 for DVD-RAM and 1,000 for DVD+/RW, sorry for the off-topic question)


I just hope that 3540 and 3520 are identical units and can be cross-flashed.
Higher reading speeds would be much appreciated.



It looks like this is the third drive company I have seen that is going the “Super-Multi” route. At this rate Pioneer will have to follow suit with Liteon not far behind. I expect to see these as OEM in a lot of new machines (HP has already announced it). They are so desperate to differentiate themselves that they are offering features that consumers don’t even know they want yet. A year ago I would have bet a stack of blank discs that RAM was dead. Now I own a burner.

It’s tough being a trend setter. Now if I just could figure out where to fit another NEC burner???


For what I’ve seen with LG drives, it needs a DVDRAM windows service running in the background so I really don’t see much difference between that and using software like InCD or DirectCD to accomplish the same task. The disks do seem to have better quality.


If i read correctly all nec 3XXX are gonna be given major upgrades.


DVD-RAM is significantly more durable and reliable than other optical media. DVD-RAM also uses phase-change technology that can be rewritten roughly 100,000 times. With its hard sectors, random access capabilities and optional cartridge, DVD-RAM more closely resembles traditional disc-based storage media than do DVD-RW and DVD+RW. As the data is written, it verifies so writing is slower than with conventional DVD media. Also, the Panasonic media has a special scratch resistant coating.

As most people who play with DVD writers are not hard core data archivists, these features are not a big selling point. I think most manufacturers are adding this just because they can and they are desperate for something new to sell (see LightScribe). Some of us with Panasonic DVD recorders have a legitimate use for these discs. Others have real data integrity concerns. As for the rest of the people who will get these drives, time will tell. Expensive 16X RAM media will meet the same roadblocks that expensive DL media has.

In any case, I have a slot waiting for a 4550 drive. I am just a gadget junkie. :bigsmile:


Advantages of DVD-RAM


Yeah, that CPRM built into DVD-RAM sure is a bliss… errr… an advantage. Gimmie some more of that anyday :Z


Well at least I’m because it supports 16x DVD-RAM writing!!

The NEC ND-4550A will have the following features and will be expected at the end of this year:

Writing Speeds
DVD+R … 16x
DVD+R DL … 8x
DVD+RW … 8x
DVD-R … 16x
DVD-R DL … 6x
DVD-RW … 8x
DVD-RAM … 16x
CD-R … 48x
CD-RW … 32x
LightScribe … Yes

Reading speeds
DVD-ROM … 16x
DVD+/-R … 16x
DVD+/-R DL … 7x
DVD+/-RW … 12x
DVD-RAM … 16x
CD-R … 48x
CD-RW … 40x


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Sorry if this is a complete n00b question, but thanks to some other thread here I just came across this article on CPRM which is built into the DVD-RAM standard. It paints a dark picture of CPRM to say the least. Are you ok with this standard should all the copyright holders and hardware manufacturers jump on it?


I dunno, if you say have a set top recorder that supports DVD-RAM but doesn’t try to record with any CPRM settings, and then you want to dump the recording to your computer with the burner, I wouldn’t worry about it, however, if it records and tries to prevent copying and such, I would say then that might pose a problem. Conversely, if you’re burning a movie to -RAM disc with your burner, there will probably be ways to work around those things through firmware, but again, not a great clue. As it is, I’m not in dire need of a burner supporting -RAM, as my set-top recorder uses +R and +RW, and I really don’t need -RAM for random access file storage, but to each their own (though I admit I am intrigued by the LightScribe option :smiley: ).




If DVD-RAM is dead