Hot hot hot!

It is! New reports indicate the permafrost in Siberia is about to start melting, releasing methane, one of the most harmful gases to the ozone layer, and that in turn will cause more of Siberia to melt. So, are we doomed?

Small correction: methane isn’t harmfull to the ozone layer. It is a greenhouse gas. :slight_smile:

Guess that if this continues I don’t have to buy a new winter coat again…

well, this is shitty… :wink:
siberia melt’s while here in germany in the middle of “summer” it’s permanently raining @ just 15 - 20 degree celsius. strange world… :wink:

Well greenhouse gases are generally agreed to be harmful to the ozone layer in one way or the other :wink:

If you put it like that then everything is in some way harmfull to the ozone layer. The effect of greenhouse gasses is almost none-existent compared to the effect of halogenated hydrocarbons, which at the moment are our biggest problem.

So Siberia is mega-farting? :slight_smile:

Well it might be and then we’d be in deep shit (har har har)

good thing we don’t have a paper shortage…looks like we are gonna need some

Siberia … one big cow!

I wish it was!! It’s freezing cold out here while it’s supposed to be summer. :a

  • Namoh - well your “somewhere in space” and there it is supposed to be cold :wink:

Well … it’s real cold here … apparently my GF expected me back home by 8pm tonight, despite that I told her I’d likely be later …
Even with the heaters on … tis chilly.

Room temperature at 10 PM: 30 Celcius. :frowning:

Westcoast of norway … hmmm well pepz think we have Icebears here so that says something …

I want that too. :iagree:

me to I`m freezing my ass off here

Well it’s getting a bit warmer overhere and we will hit temperatures above 20 degrees at the end off this week. :clap:

You are all lucky it stays around 37.7C here right now. I like the cold better.

Room temperature now: 28C @ 68% humidity @3:00AM
Last Sunday it was 38C @ over 75% Humidity @ 2:00PM Outdoors and no clouds…

It’s about 27C here… not too bad.

In Italy we had temps varying from 8C (on a top of a mountain) to 35C…