Hot Fuzz Movie

Well any one who knows me knows I love Shaun of the Dead. Well Nick and Simon got an new movie coming out called Hot Fuzz, check it out.

Hot Fuzz (Join the Fuzz Site)

oh cool! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

didnt you post this somewhere else?

No…Id33k’s post was moved here from the main LR :wink:

I too loved Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg’s a clever and funny guy :iagree:

Have to check this one out :iagree:

if you are on the forum I am DoctorRusselFell (From Danger 5000! Zombies played by Simon Pegg) I am the number 7 team member.


Comes out on DVD soon.

Is out (pre-ordered), great DVD!!!

Watched it last night funny stuff. Bad Boys 2 why not 1? That alone is pure comic genius. :slight_smile:

Watched it 3 times already.
Had to watch Shaun of the Dead again , Liked it better this time knowing the cool actors

So, just saw some minutes from “Run, Fatboy, Run”, the next movie with Simon, on today.

Hey, looked GOOD.

Yea, I haven’t seen it yet cause I live in America but I’ll find some way :cop: :cop: :cop:

^^ It’s been out in America for a long time. This was an excellent film, and I actually liked it more than SotD, though I seem to be in the minority with that opinion.

Watch it online. :wink:

I’m with you on that one. Hot Fuzz was hilarious.

yeah Hot Fuzz was hilarious! i liked it more than Shaun of the Dead :cop: