Hot Fuzz DVD

Has anyone purchased this dvd and made a backup copy using Main movie yet. I was going to make one of mine and saw that Title 1,and 2 are the same size on same chapter. I saw this on another movie in this forum and an answer was posted on which title to use. I like to do Main movie only when I have a choice.


Yes, there were no problems with it. I backed it up with out a hitch. Remember to always use the most recent version.:clap:

Allen, you did not say, did you do whole disk, or if only the main movies, what Title did you use, 1 or 2. In some movies if you do wrong Title you have a coster.


I meant Alan

camper913 if you want to do main movie but do not know which tittle to use because they are the same size try using the preview window :smiley:

StormJumper, thanks very much for your answer. Starting to get a little hot in here. Think I’ll set under the air conditioner for awhile.

I did main movie and whole disc, when testing. I also made an MPEG4 also and they all came out great. If you want just the main movie look at the preview screen to make sure it is what you are looking for.

I had no problems with main movie on this movie. I nearly always just do the main movie. When there are more than one title I assume they are different angles (not sure) I always just pick the no. 1. There have been a few where no 2 title was longer than no 1. Usually when this is the case it will contain director comments so I go with no.1 (learned this the hard way)

Thanks Donvan, you had the best answer, other than find out on your own from other people.