Hot DVR107D drive and DVD disks

Hello Forum,

I recently replaced the original cd writer of my Apple eMac (nearly 2 years old) by a Pioneer DVR107D drive. Thanks to OSX 10.3.3 the drive rocks. I burned approx. 10 DVD disks (+R TDK 4x / +RW Philips 4x /-RW Sony 1x) with Toast 6 without any problem. So far so good.

But I am a little bit concerned about the high temperature of the DVD drive and disk. Even when a disk is only read (copying at high speed to the harddisk) it comes out very hot and the beige front of the tray feels also hot.

On the back of the drive is a circular pattern of holes for a ventilator, and at the front, just below the tray, are two small air inlet holes. But I have doubts if there really is a cooling ventilator built in this drive. I can’t find any info about a ventilator/fan on the internet.

I also noted that when the front cover of the eMac is closed (the cover with the Apple logo on it) the transparent part of the cover is disturbing the air inlet of the drive.

Untill now I use a pencil to keep the cover open when burning or reading a DVD. I think this helps a little bit.

I wonder if this “problem”, if it is a problem because I have zero experience with burning DVD’s before, also exists with superdrives build in by Apple ?

Thanks for reading.