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Give me that link if it isn’t a login that brought that up so I can trace it back. Usually if it makes it through it might be using another site to link to it to load and hopefully it wasn’t as the culprit.


It was just a random page on CNN, no login. I was just at their site and there was no ads visible this time.


Ok, I did check and mine showed empty boxes and could be that if you have to many tabs loaded it shows up til you refresh and it kills the ads. I’ve seen that happen.


PC Windows hosts 10-25-18

hosts (93.6 KB)


haven’t installed the hosts from yesterday yet. Here is my CNN again this morning with a fresh opened browser and no tabs.


That’s strange when I open it on mine it doesn’t have the aliexpress but I’ll have to find the location and add that in just to kill it again.


PC Windows hosts edited 11-1-18

hosts (93.7 KB)




PC Windows hosts file 11-5-18

hosts (93.7 KB)


PC Windows hosts file 11-8-18

hosts (93.7 KB)


thank you.




PC Windows hosts edited 11-25-18

hosts (93.7 KB)




PC Windows hosts edited 11-29-18
hosts (93.7 KB)


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PC Windows hosts edited 12-6-18

hosts (93.7 KB)


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PC Windows hosts edited 12-10-18

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