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Thank you.


If I had opened the hosts file you zipped in the first place I would have seen how you organize the “extras”.
It is well organized.


The first time, I did it was a learning curve to figuring out how to properly write and configure the hosts file because if you saved it other then the original format as i.e. *.txt it won’t work and Windows will recreate a default hosts file again. The reason why, I did this so I don’t have to use 3rd party blockers as you’ve seen get hijacked but adcompany and some that blocks all internet usage doesn’t help either. So I created this after finding that this second site provided better edits to use and since that time have used it and man you could see the light and day difference from before. Not sure I call it organized but I ordered in the way that I could best get it together without confusing those wanting to see how I did it. I did keep the original Windows hosts at the beginning so those looking at it would know what it was when they opened it.


PC Windows hosts edited update 10-3-18

hosts (93.2 KB)




Thank you.


PC Windows Hosts 10-9-18

hosts (93.4 KB)


You can add the hosts file to ublock.
Some browsers will ignore the hosts file under some settings.
What you do is uncheck all the filter lists in “Filter Lists” .
Except “My Filters” ,
Then in the “My Filters” tab select “Import and Append”.
Copy your hosts file somewhere & change the name to hosts.txt.
Because ublock will only import it as a .txt file.

On a browser that is ignoring the hosts file this works.

@ coolcolors I can disable the host file with a rename .
I do this sometimes when I’m not sure what entry is blocking a web site.
Do you ever do this ?

This is where the ublock program comes in handy.
Even if I disable the hosts file in Windows It asks if I want to temporarily unblock only the one web site.


I am wary of doing this as and the hosts files is required to be able to access the internet protocols as well. But those sites that don’t like the hosts blocks are probably tracking site and black sites that don’t like being blocked.

I usually just go to hosts file to unblock and save back to test if it is really the site or something on the site that will cause redirect or not. For me if the site is no adware or malware infested the hosts edits works just fine. I know some sites sees the hosts block and ask to remove the adblocker of which it is acting like that but the differences in the hosts file I use works for all Browser IE, Edge, Chrome, IE so I don’t have to load something for each of those Browser as it uses the hosts as the central command issue and that so far has worked fine for me.


I don’t use IE,Edge, or Chrome browsers.
I use Opera which uses the Chrome engine.
I also use FF portables, On these I use the latest but old Mozilla version &
the newest Quantum version which I understand uses the Chrome engine.
Also I have CyberFox but I rarely use it.

The only one that bypasses the hosts is Opera when using it’s VPN mode.
My understanding is this works like a “proxy” .
That means the proxy’s DNS lookup is used instead of the local hosts.
With UBlock installed using only the My Filters checked which uses the same hosts entries as the one in Windows.
Opera blocks unwanted sites & ads in VPN mode.
Give it a test sometime if you like.


Quantum is the result of Mozilla’s Project Servo. A new modern engine written using the Rust programming language. Not using Chrome’s engine.


My bad.
I should have researched Mozilla FF Quantum.
I just assumed & we know where that goes.

I’m glad that there is a new browser engine to use other than Chrome.


PC Windows hosts 10-12-18

hosts (93.0 KB)

Quicks update related to Reddit ads from Zzyzxroad.


Thank you!




Those Reddit Promo ads are worthless but sounds like those I put into the hosts seems to have worked on my side so far. What about yours?


First, your new hosts file got rid of all those aliexpress ads that just started popping up everywhere the last weeks or so.

But, your file broke a lot of reddit links as if they were ads. Once I removed the “” then it worked again. I’m using Chrome if it makes a difference.

EDIT: I forgot, those promo ads are only extremely annoying on the new version but the original reddit site is clean.


I figure that might happen but I wasn’t sure…but I noted it from running in the revised version …before posting.
It’s still there but will not load now.

It’s was tricky trying to figure which one to block and which one to let through to figure the right one.


PC Windows hosts 10-21-18

hosts (93.4 KB)

I don’t think it matters which Browser as the hosts will affect all browsers that use the Windows hosts file to determine what it allows to load.


I just noticed you have a new file a few days ago so I don’t know if the aliexpress ads are fully fixed, but I did get one this morning on CNN.