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I think this is a false positive but thought I’d ask if anybody else has also experienced this.


Did you do it as Admin/Owner when replacing it? Also copy the hosts file as is don’t rename from “hosts” to “HOSTS” that isn’t the correct format of it. Also don’t have other windows or Browser opened besides Explorer open to do this. The zip file is to be unzip into a folder and then you copy the hosts file to the directory to replace the previous hosts file. If you have problem then you got a A/V or Security program that is blocking the hosts file from being changed and you need to disable it or stop it from blocking the change. Malwarebytes to me would be more acting like a malware itself so you should disable it when doing such change or make it exempt from blocking those changes.


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MB allows me to update the file. It’s when it runs the scheduled full scan is when the issue pops-up. Never renamed hosts. I unzip the file to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc. Been do it this way since I can remember. I only run Firefox. I’ll just ignore it for now.


That’s good to know. I just use the stone age way to get it there.


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Looks with my busy schedule it be like first of the month or end of the month with the hosts updates posting.




I remember sometime back someone asked how to edit or custom edit the hosts file? Did anyone see who it was or did they PM me? I looked there but didn’t see it but I didn’t delete anything there either. So if they read this tell me how far back it was so I can figure whom asked if they did.


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What is the source of the hosts file you post ?

Is it a copy from one of the hosts file sites ?

If you use one of these sites as the main source would you list the additions you make to this.


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It is from this site:

And I did add more to it from just what is listed there.

If you look at the hosts file I zipped you can see where I added on to the hosts file itself.