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Hello coolcolors. I found this website while researching a possible RAM upgrade for my Gateway NV52. A while back, you posted that you successfully installed two 4GB RAM modules in a Gateway NV52 (64 bit OS) and that it recognized 7.75GB. I am considering the same RAM upgrade, but the RAM modules are not cheap. Before I purchased the modules, I simply wanted to confirm that you indeed had success and also that it did not cause any problems with your NV52 afterwards. Forgive me for intruding into your topic, but I did not see any other way to contact you.


PM still works so where you not able to PM me? Tell me the link cause that probably was a long time ago. I go looking for it to see if I can find it.


The post was from December 2011.


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AFAIK I remember it worked without problems with Win7x64 so if you go 8gb make sure the O/S is 64bit. I wanted to upgrade the NV52 to W10 but since I sold it to someone else that I know I can’t upgrade it anymore. But It did work ok with W7x64 but make sure they are matching specs so if you get the same pair at least make sure they are DDR2-800 example. I bought those the DDR2 some time back so I can’t recall which pair I used but I know they were matching specs. Also make sure the BIOS on the NV52 is updated to the last available version before you change RAM or O/S.


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Again my profound thanks for all these updates CC.

I was reading above about some having an issue copying the hosts. file and over writing the previous one. I am using the latest 64 bit version of Notepad++ and it has this neat option where is recognises the need for Admin rights to “edit” the file and so gives you the option to run in Administrator mode without losing your place and having to start again. The Notepad++ option is only if you want to edited some of the entries in the hosts. file and not if you just copy your updated gem into the etc folder.

Being a lazy git, I have a shortcut on the desktop to the hosts. location so I don’t have to plough down through the folder maze. If this helps:

Hope that makes sense. Was in a rush as I have to go and make :spaghetti: forty. :+1:


I had no issue using the Windows default note pad to edit my hosts file. I did however have to use Office 16 to open the hosts file that I use to add to the Windows hosts file. But when editing the hosts file as I mentioned in the past to others-Windows will not you edit the hosts file in the system/driver/etc folder you must create a temp folder somewhere else from Windows folder where you can store or placed the edited hosts file if you want to edit it yourself before copying back. I did changed it to Read-Only to prevent malware and virus from changing or removing it-that itself stops the changes other then from the User themselves. And if you open the unzipped hosts file and read down in it’s txt it will tell you where the hosts file goes.


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Thank you.


Thank you for the upade on the host file, if all goes well I will be using the latest when I get the chance to use a pc, for now I am trapped on my phone.


If I could I would’ve put it on the phone but being root locked that is a piss in the pants.


Yes I could do thar, but this phone is the only connection to the outside world, there for I dont want to try rooting it. At least for now.


This is to stop ads popups not the phone itself. Have you seen those ads on your Apps they annoy and sometimes if you click wrong get zapped by those sites. That’s why I want my hosts installed to kill those nasty tactics.


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