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Thanks. I removed it from Pi-Hole.

Thanks. I applied it in Pi-Hole and that along with pretty much the rest of the default filters, or thereabouts, it’s currently showing… Domains on the Blocklist = 605,418

but ill have to see how things play out with it over the next month or so. because I think the key is finding a HOSTS file that blocks as much junk as possible but without breaking websites. but so far, the ones that came with Pi-Hole along with MVPS/Adaway don’t seem to be messing with anything.

p.s. I noticed memory usage went up a good amount as it’s currently floating around 82.18MB as I think it was around 30MB or so the last I checked. but it’s a non-issue though as the laptop I got Pi-Hole running on has 2GB of RAM and ‘Memory usage: 16.5%’ is shown on Pi-Hole so it’s not even remotely close to running out of RAM.

EDIT: it appears it blocked so I had to whitelist that.

If I had to guess, that fossbytes entry was probably from a blacklist which hasn’t been culled for awhile. There’s many blacklists which appear to have been abandoned by their maintainers, and haven’t been updated in a long time.

I distinguish between host specific blacklists, and domains type blacklists. In practice, I’ve found domain blacklists aren’t quite as useful for hosts file style blacklisting on ms windows type systems.

On linux type systems, pi-hole and dnsmasq can blacklist entire domains (ie. ALL the hosts under the domain name). To do the same entire domain blocking only using a hosts file on ms windows, it would require redirecting every single host in the domain to or by listing every single host in detail (including aliases under the same domain).

Nevertheless, my current host file blacklist on ms windoze is just a concatenation of the mvps and dan pollock lists where I just removed the duplicates. (I wrote my own script which does this all in one swoop, which can incorporate additional blacklists easily).

The mvps and dan pollock lists are small and good enough to do this style of host file blacklisting, without significantly slowing down dns lookups. (Such as blocking known long lived advertising and tracking servers).

PC Windows hosts edited update 5-17-20 this also has update in reply to

hosts (97.9 KB)

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PC Windows hosts custom adblocker update 6-8-20

hosts (97.9 KB)

PC Windows hosts custom adblocker updated 6-26-20

hosts (97.9 KB)


Latest Windows 10 August Defender will delete your hosts file that was modified. It’s saying it’s hijacking but that is Totally Wrong.

So change your Defender setting and permit this action to be set so it doesn’t reset your hosts file. I’ll update with the August update sometime here.

PC Windows hosts custom adblocker updated 8-6-20

hosts (98.1 KB)

Most recent Hosts adware blocker and redirect blocker…

PC Windows hosts custom adblocker update 10-10-20
NOTE: Read August 14 FYI to fix Defender Flagging this as a issue and Permit this to ALLOW.

hosts (98.6 KB)

thank you

Hello, I’m not very well versed with Defender. Not very sure what I should be modifying.
If you have the time maybe a short how-to would be nice.
Thank you

I took a screenshot of the action but not one of before to show what it says but I’ll have to find the screenshot of it to show it. So those that use Defender will see where they need to make the change for it to allow this action so Defender doesn’t delete the hosts file. It treats it like a malware redirect but that’s what exactly what the edited hosts does block redirects. So if it changes it back to the standard host file you can guarantee ads/redirects/redirect site will exploits your Browser.

Below is what the Original Windows hosts file looks like and you can see why it will not block ads/adware redirected sites.

I already know a host file like this will permit all ads/malware redirects to take over. That is from experiences. There’s nothing being blocked and the Windows Defender can only do so much that is why my hosts edited file is so big because it blocks ads/redirects from starting up or showing up in your browser of choice. No plugin or addon is need for the browser to get you where your trying to get to. And paying to get a A/V program when the host blocker is free along with having Windows you get the Defender for free as well. I rather have the A/V to remove Virus/Malware before they install and the host blocker prevents those programs from calling home in the first place to infect more.

Thanks for your response. I still don’t know what needs to be done to continue to use Defender without having to install a third party fix-it-all protection software.

I found it, and all is well.
Thank you.

Good to know I forgot this as I got busy these weeks.

Hello, will we see anymore host files from you? They have been very helpful and thanks!
Happy holidays

Maybe this can help:

Thank you…

Yes there is one from December I have yet to get it loaded up.


PC Windows hosts custom adblocker update 1-15-2021

hosts (99.4 KB)

Give that a try for 2021…been busy and had lots to worry about this past 2020…

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