Hosting exe-files

I’am looking for webspace to host some exe-files. About 10 Mb should be sufficient.

Most of the free webhostingservices I’ve found do not accept exe-files. Does anyone know of a good free webhostingservice that isn’t that picky about the files they host?

You can also rename them before you upload them and have a remark at your site where people can download it that they should rename it.

Another option is using winrar, winzip to compress them and you have another extension as well.

Didn’t know hosting providers were so picky on *.exe files…can imagine *.zip or especially *.mp3 though…

Thanks, Smartass ( this nick was your choice, I can’t help it)

Zip and Rarfiles are also banned. I can give the files any other extension but it is such a shitty solution.

Anyone for something better?


unlimited space !!!

hosting of ZIP and EXE


But not anymore. They moved their pages to Homestead and they offer pad services only.

Thanks anyway. Anyone else?


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