Tried it with clonedvd trial version, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Next Copy, DVD Fab Decrypter, 1 click and all continuely say the CRC Error . I know what it means and returned the DVD 4 times and the same; went to another store bought it there and the same the sad part is if it’s opened you can only return it for another copy. :sad:

Plays fine on the pc and stand alone player. Now I have two copies but didn’t want two copies this way. Oh yea I do have any dvd and the version is :doh:

I tried it in safe mode too got farther but the same happened.


Mine did the same in an AOpen drive. I switched to a BenQ 1655 and it slowed to 3X but copied. You need to try some different drives.


Any DVD - VobBlanker the Copy seems to be fine, at Normal Speed too, If that doesn’t work I’ve noticed that if you just try to copy the Main movie Instead of all the extra’s That usually works when it will not work the other way. Just a suggestion, I’d go With the Vob Blanker


no problems at all with anydvd and clonecd with +r dl


I used anydvd along with dvd shrink version 3.16. It uses nero to burn and makes an excelent 1st copy . But in order to make aditional copies you must repeat the dvd shrink process. Havent been able to copy a copy.


I’m doing the slow but quiet on the speed on any dvd and see if it works. I tried shrink and had issues.


I know this is the AnyDVD forum, but for what it’s worth, dvdfab decrypter will work. I just created a bkup with express v., which has the same decrypter as the freeware version; another member just updated fab decrypter and was successful.


For making a second copy you don’t have to use DVD Shrink again just go to “Nero Burning Rom” click on DVD Video and then drag all the files of the “Movie” you have ripped with Shrink to your HD and drop them on the left side of Nero screen and just burn them.


A bad disc again?
What about anydvd ripper?


Guys, read the post. This has nothing to do with the software; the disc has sectors that are hard to read.


you are acting like a newbie
your reader must be bad
do a search on this and you will see
this is a easy disk

why did you not get an exhange at the first seller?
what happened to your old sig?


I did exchange with the first seller. I also tried another too; so I do have 2 copies of Hostel, just not the way I wanted to. Could be my player. As for the siggy. I decided to change it no new “newbie’s” coming out say blah blah blah. I’m going to try VOB Blanker just to see if I can move the DVD to the HDD. Like I said after you open the products you can only exchange so I do have 2 movies. I seen alot have had success so I’ll say it can be done.As said due to the errors it’s the disc.


Don’t be surprised if this is due to the new protection mechanism lately being used by movie industries to make it impossible to copy the new movies, I have had this case twice in the alst 3 months that I couldn’t copy at all and gave up for those particular ones.


I may have missed the answer to this one already, so forgive me if I didn’t read this thread close enough, but, do the 2 discs lock up in exactly the same spot or different spots? You’re not alone in having issues with that particular movie…there are some people on another forum having similar problems. I personally think some of these discs are badly mfg’d but you’ve exchanged yours already. Could be a large bad batch and you just got really unlucky. I don’t have this movie so I can’t play around with it. Let us know how the AnyDVD ripper works for you at slow ripping speed. Good luck…sounds like a pain!


I had the same problem yesterday and it was a bad source disc, because I brought it back to the store and had no problems at all with the second disc.


Ok, it was you that had that issue. I thought I had read that somewhere on here. I’m glad you were able to get yours straightened out. Dr seems to have some serious bad luck. If I were him, I’d go rent the damn thing this time. :slight_smile: It’s not like he’s doing anything bad considering he OWNS 2 copies of it now.


VOB Blanker a no go but as I said and you as well I got unlucky and do have two copies of the movie just costed me double. I think there should be a return policy to get your money back if you do it the same day. I could understand if it was scratched and stuff but we’re taliking about hours due to I did watch it and all played well. No problem on missing we’re just human. I’m willing to say that it can be done because I’m on here at least 10 + times a day reading and learning. Knowlege is power and with that knowlege and power you must read. Honestly I’ll search I think this was my very first I can’t copy thread. :bigsmile:

Thank you to all that posted that you were able to do it. Now I know I was just unlucky this time. This wasn’t too big of an ordeal but costed me twice as much.

Oh yea…Slysoft still rocks!!!


Well, next time exchange the movie and if that doesn’t help, go rent it. The reason is, a store might get a shipment that’s all bad. The rental place will likely have a different batch. That way you won’t get screwed by buying it twice. Live and learn. :slight_smile: At least you have a backup. LOL! :wink:


The only part about these CRC errors that I find interesting is that they lately seem to show up in the 1.4 VOB file. Either something is going on that is planned or that just happens to correspond to a spot on the disc, maybe at the layer break, where the data is prone to errors.


Yep live and learn LOL.

As for the quote that’s a good and interesting point as I had the same problem on both discs at the same spot.