Hostel Will Not Backup

Sounds cool, I need to watch that movie… :wink:

Get out the lettuce and lets have a good eye salad.

since we’re already off topic and the original poster’s problem is solved, i’ll go a little more on a rant and say that another reason I think this movie fails is because you cannot shock people anymore…at least not in this way.

you have to be a lot more creative and use a lot more of the cinematic tools avialable to you as a director in order to shock or gross someone out these days.

watching someone chop off another guy’s fingers or drill an eyeball out, sad to say, is no longer shocking.

I had no problem backing up Hostel / WS,R1,Movie only

i just decrypted this using fabdvd and burned it using clonedvd2. when i play it on my dvd player, it takes over 1 minute to start the movie, like its running, it just takes about 1 minute 20 seconds to start playing and show the LGF logo on it. meanwhile when i play it on my home theatre system it comes on right away. i have tried using 2 types of discs, but both the same. does anyone know why this happens.

You should try to use AnyDVD, it cuts the invalid cells from the beginning.

alright, thanks. ill try that later on. but how come it doesnt do it to my home theatre system.



I have this flick as well. I rented it, tried everything… even taking it back and geting another copy and I still cant get it to backup.

Can anyone help me?


I sincerly hope you’re not asking for help backing up a rental, as that is piracy and no one in this forum is going to help you do something illegal. :cop:

Movieaholic, you can get fined a lot of money for doing something like that, even go to jail.

Tru, i have tried anydvd but it says unsuccessful.

Have you downloaded the latest version

Who says unsuccessful?

I have downloaded the trial version.

i put the disc in, it loaded into anydvd and then i went to clonedvd2, so it was clonedvd2 that said unsuccessful. unless i used anydvd wrong.

and i only have the 1 dvd reader/writer.

Please provide more info: When did CloneDVD say what…? Please tell us the exact error message, and at which point it is shown. Try to describe the problem in a way, that others can reproduce it. As I have read in various threads, others had no problem backing up this disc using AnyDVD & CloneDVD2.

@Tru: There are alot of bad source discs with this title. I also got one and tried another that worked, but friends of mine were not so lucky, they had to go back to the store and return the movie about 4 times to come up with a good copy.

i just remember it saying it at 3minutes 30 seconds within. i cant recall what it said. i just know it stopped and said finished unsuccessfuly, i didnt continue to read on.

You should if you expect to receive help.

10 to 1 he had a CRC error and a poorly mastered original. This disc seems to be a pain in the ass for a lot of people. I don’t yet have it but have been thinking about picking it up. The quality of mastering on it, however, has made me rethink that decision. Kinda sad.

well i know i should have, but i cancelled it instead of writing it down.

i was just curious why it had like over 1 minute of black screen before it comes on my dvd player, while my home theatre system plays it right away. theres that and 1 part messes up and you can see the pixels when it was burned. the part doesnt mess up on my dvd but only on my copies.

What media are you using? And at what speed did you burn?