Hostel back up trouble



Using AnyDVD and Clone CD, Clone CD hangs up at the 57%while ripping. Exactr symptoms are while ripping, Clone CD shows data transfer rate around 8 -9 Meg untill the 56% point is reached. It then drops down to 6 or 12K and never gets any further than 57% Also could not rip with Shrink. Is AnyDVD just not getting it done any longer?


Anydvd can do this movie suggest you clean the disc and try again if it still fails then it is a bad source disc and needs to be returned for another copy.


replaced suspected faulty DVD. Still same error. Uninstalled CloneCD and AnyDVD. Restarted. Reinstalled CloneCD and AnyDVD (I am licensed for both). Restarted and backed up a different DVD. Retried new Hostel DVD, but same result as with first disc. Disc is Region 1 Unrated widescreen edition. Machine Specs are 3.2 Gig Pentium running Windows XP Service pack 2, 2gig memory, 500 gig hardrive, 422 Gig free space. DVD burner is TSSTCORP CD/DVDW TS-H552D GA01 0210M.


Try the long way.
Use Windows to copy the movie to a folder and then use Clone DVD to burn it from there.