Hosted website with SQL database and ASP(.net?) but using linux

Hi guys,

Since the last linux thread things have gone a long way, but I now have a problem along a different theme. For my A2 project (last year before uni for non-brits) the class is meant to be doing what I mentioned in the title. We’re going to make a web based database in SQL which is used in some sort of website that accesses it using ASP (for functions, etc). All great, network admin actually buys a server for the whole thing…but not only does he take an age to set it up, he sets it up in a way that makes it useless to us. We’re using but he hasn’t enabled the server to run .aspx pages. Also, access from home to the SQL database is forbidden and he won’t enable it for “security reasons”.

I’m pissed off with it and this has been dragging on for weeks now. It basically boils down to this…I would like to set up my own server using a spare PC that I have lying around. I’ll be using linux for the job, but I’m fairly clueless as to what I need for this. These questions sum it up quite well

  1. What distro is most suitable for this?
  2. What web hosting package (I presume apache)?
  3. What package for SQL?
  4. How to implement the ASP? I’ve not had much experience with this but I presume that there’s no .net solutions in linux (or are there now with mono?)

I guess that’s it but if you have any other suggestions for me then I’m open to suggestions.

Many thanks as always