Horse Racing Manager


Anyone know how to backup Horse Racing Manager

ive tried using Alcohol 120% but failed to do so

anyone have any ideas





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starforce 3 protection - 'nuff said

So does that mean it cant be done ???


At the moment Alcohol120% can backup StarForce 1 and 2.

Maybe in the future it can backup also version 3.

Buy the way: Welcome to the forum.


will Alcohol bring out a new verison or is there
a new program that will ?

Thanks for the welcome (you guys are so smart)

StarForce 3 it’s not easy to backup, but sooner or later someone will come with a solution.

And otherwise maybe the new version of BlindWrite will:

Which of the 2 (Alcohol or BlindWrite) will be the first to defeat StarForce 3??

Shall we make a little bet to encourage both teams!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good One

a bet … what will the winner get ?

Originally posted by Budgie32
a bet … what will the winner get ?

Well does anyone have some suggestions??

50 litre beer or
a night at the wallen or
a new PC or

Originally posted by Budgie32
[B]Good One

a bet … what will the winner get ? [/B]

…taken to court by Starforce :bigsmile:

thats abit mean …

we aren’t selling their product we are backing it up
so thats not illegal

they should have that option or give us a guarentee of 3 years or something in case the CD scratches or damages in anyway

the game cost around $70 so why cant we protect our product ?

it was only a (poor) joke…I was just remembering what Sony did to Channel Technology wrt modchip not that long ago…different hardware same philosophy