Horror film revival…

IMO, horror movies have been hurtin’ pretty bad for the last…decade maybe? Anyways, I did catch a really good slasher that showcased a short while back at Tribeca called “Hatchet”. Was pretty skeptical with their opening line, something like “first Jason, then Freddy, now Victor Crowley”, but it was actually pretty damn good. Lots and lots of blood, and just as important – the hottest girl doing horror flicks today, Mercedes McNab. Formerly of Buffy and Angel fame, this amazingly hot Canadian is worth the ticket price (even if mine was free!) Her film is also showing at next week’s ScreamFest in LA, but there’s a closer solution for the rest of the country called Playboy magazine, which she owns the cover of this month (fyi, totally worth running, not walking, to pick-up).

Some friends and I were discussing this the other day, and our thought (4/5) is that she’s quickly becoming the next scream queen…way hotter than Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Anyways, we decided to put this question out there:

Who do you think is the next Scream Queen?


So a hot chick can revive the horror movie industry by herself (or at least she helps)? I can’t remember the last time i’ve jumped watching a scary movie. Usually i fall asleep because i just don’t find the storyline motivating, i don’t think it’s scary, and while it helps, one hot chick isn’t gonna make a movie good or bad all by herself.

Seeing as i’ve strayed away from the scary movie genre, i would probably have to say i have no idea who the next scream queen will be, but this lady sounds like a winner :iagree:

The horror movie genre hasn’t been doing so well…I have yet to see a movie that has really gotten to me.