Horrible sounds from my ND2500A! :(

Hello all!

I’m super green to the forums and I’m having a problem I hope you guys can help me with.

I’ve had my ND2500A for a week now. During the first couple of days I tested some DVD burns and a CD burn. Today was the first day I really did some serious burning of CDs (about 10).

During this time I noticed this horrendous clicking, clacking, loud mechanical sound coming from the drive. I tried the emergency eject and it didn’t seem to work. I then closed out of my Roxio EZCDC 6 and the drive eventually stopped and opened (I think I pushed the emergency eject button in too far also! :frowning: ).

I did a search and read through all relevant posts and I didn’t see a similiar problem.

I have a sound byte of the problem here. It’s a 3mb sound clip of the exact problem.

Can anyone help? I think I need a new drive, but I want to confirm it before I do an RMA to NewEgg.

Thanks a bunch.


I cannot download your wav file…
Anywayz, your 2500A should not be very loud.
Mine is VERY quiet.

As far as not being able to eject discs, well that sounds like a packet writing software issue. You mentioned Roxio, so I would recommend UNINSTALLING DirectCD. It has been known to cause problems exactly like that!


Thanks for the quick response. I’m almost 99% sure the drive might be bad.

I just posted the file on Yahoo, so it may not have uploaded yet.

I’d be glad to email it to you so you can ‘hear’ my pain! :slight_smile:




I cannot download the file either. But my drive also makes a clicking noise. Not very loud - but still audible. For example when I open and close it with no CD in the drive it clicks three times.

When I tried bitsetting on some older DVD+RWs, it sometimes did not work: The drive’s light was flashing and it was always making that clicking noise until DVDInfoPro gave me the error message, that the drive does not support bitsetting. It seems to be a power calibration problem.

On brand new DVD+RWs, bitsetting works perfectly, though.

So any1 with similar observations?

Troy, I agree with the others (based on your description): That drive shouldn’t be making a loud sound. The clicking made after the tray is closed or when a disc is being scanned is very light in my 2500 too. But I had a previous OEM DVD-ROM drive I retired due to a loud clunking during similar operations.

I would get a RMA ASAP. The tray eject problem may be caused by Roxio – but not the excessive noise…

Good luck!

Thanks guys!

I think I’ll return it. I hate returning stuff… :frowning:


Let us know how the replacement drive turns out.
We hope to continue seeing you here on the NEC forum! :smiley:
(by the way, I never did get your email)