Horrible Scan

I just burned this DVD and this scan is absolutely horrible, the disk itself has no smudges,dirt,scratches or anything. I burned with IMGBurn i have been using Maxell 002 for awhile and they have always been good to me its the first one to be so crappy. Any ideas on why this one could be so horrible i haven’t scanned every disk i burn but now im thinking i should to make sure they aren’t like this one i scan like every 1 in 5. Could just be a bad disk i guess it wasn’t even playable in my DVD Player after the menu of the DVD. Just thought i would get some opinions since I’m not a scan expert the scan was good at first as you can see in the attached pictures then it all went to hell.

Could be a number of things, maybe from a dye streak/defect (look closely at the disc with a bright flashlight).

Try the Transfer Rate Test (TRT). Regardless the result it seems the disc has been mishandled somehow in the proces - (could be your burner, warehouse and/or many other things). How do the other discs from the spindle look?

FYI, Nero CD-DVD Speed supports quick scans (just tick the box).
It measures samples at about 20 parts of the discs so you can get a quick glance at its quality… but it’s not accurate :slight_smile:

Im not sure what to look for on the bottom of the disk but i dont see any steaks just rainbow colors and stuff and now a couple of scratches and dust since i threw it in the garbage lol.

I just reburned the same file again and again it was horrible. Could this be a problem with my DVD burner during the burning? Could it be the file im burning? Man this sucks :(. Also whats the best speed to scan at with Nero CDDVD Speed for a 8X disk?

Heres the TRT results on the newly burned disked i already threw the other one out so i had to use this one:

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information
Operating System Windows XP Home Edition (5.01.2600 Service Pack 2)
Firmware Version KY06
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 4.36 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 3.44x
End 6.27x
Average 5.76x
Type P-CAV

Seek Times
Random 122 ms
1/3 138 ms
Full 250 ms

CPU Usage
1X 12 %
2X 13 %
4X 26 %
8X n/a

Burst Rate 21917 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 1.63 sec
Spin Down Time 1.98 sec

Load/Eject Times
Load Time 1.16 sec
Eject Time 0.95 sec
Recognition Time 13.94 sec

Time Elapsed Action
[18:31:41] Starting transfer rate test
[18:41:48] 10:07 Speed:3-6 X P-CAV (5.76 X average)
[18:41:48] Starting access times test
[18:42:01] Random Access: 122 ms
[18:42:15] 1/3 Access: 138 ms
[18:42:40] 0:51 Full Access: 250 ms
[18:42:40] Starting CPU usage test
[18:42:56] CPU usage at 1X: 12 %
[18:43:11] CPU usage at 2X: 13 %
[18:43:27] CPU usage at 4X: 26 %
[18:43:47] 1:07 CPU usage at 8X: n/a
[18:43:47] Starting burst rate test
[18:43:48] 0:02 Interface burst rate: 21 MB/sec (21917 KB/sec)
[18:43:48] Starting spin-up/down test
[18:43:52] Spin-up time: 1.63 seconds
[18:44:04] 0:16 Spin-down time: 1.98 seconds
[18:44:04] Starting load/eject test
[18:44:05] Eject time: 0.95 seconds
[18:44:06] Load time: 1.16 seconds
[18:44:20] 0:16 Recognition time: 13.94 seconds

Can you rescan at 4x? :flower:

Heres 4X

[OFF TOPIC]trempit69, save your files as .PNG files, and a screen capture utility is not necessary, just press the ‘floppy’ icon in the upper right corner. ;)[OFF TOPIC]

I did but it was more then 100kb to attach so i just popped it into paint to reduce the quality.

It shouldn’t be larger than about 62kb. :confused:

Weird, I just did a burn test from within DVD Speed and heres the results i just did a quick scan because i knew it would be crappy.

I just tried burning my very first TY002 and it does pretty much the same thing not quite as bad though, so im thinking it must be the DVD burner either that or both my Maxell 002’s and TY002s(bought at blankmedia.ca) are bad.

Got a different burner you can do a burn with? See if that produces the same result. Or go to a friends house and get them to make a burn on one of your maxells.

I’m thinking it’s the writer here. But have you done a complete scan of a disc you know scans well, just to see how it scans now?

Im going to try to try it on another burner but im going to pick up a DRU-810A sometime next week and if it still isnt better ill just return it.

I just scanned a disk i burned about 11 days ago(last disk i burned since) and it scans ok. One thing i noticed it that the disk info(media ID, disk type, book type, write speeds) dont show up in Nero CDDVD Speed sometimes it takes like 3-4 ejects to get it to show up.

1st Image: Scan of a 11 day old disk(last burned)
2nd Image: Not showing disk info
3rd Image: Ejected Still doesnt show any info
4th Image: Finally does.

Dont know if this could be a sign of something wrong with the burner or not.

Weird. You don’t run any programs that block DVD drives from reading things properly do you? I’m just speculating as in the past with CDR, clone cd could block it from being read as a CDR and it came up as a ROM so game’s protections would not work.

But other than that, I think the drive may have some issues.

Nope i dont have any such programs, this drive is about 3 years old and i did use it alot sometimes 40-50 dvds in a single day so i guess it could just be worn out if thats possible. I have another quesiton i know it probobaly doesnt belong here but i didnt want to make another thread: If i buy a Sony DRU-810A should i flash it to a BenQ DW1640? Is there really any big differences? I use mainly Maxell002s/YUDEN000T02 if that matters.

By the way thanks for all the help guys i really appreciate it.

Alcohol 120% is a really bad culprit for that too :slight_smile:

I use Alcohol 52%(free verison) but i have had that installed for awhile and this stuff only started sometime within the last 2 weeks.

You haven’t updated it during that time?

Ah well, it’s probably not related to the bad burns, I agree with cd pirate’s opinion there. :slight_smile:

Actually come to think about it i did just update it like a week ago. What are the chances this could have anything to do with it before i uninstall it?