Horrible Quality of Digital VCam to DVD

I am able to capture images from my sony digital movie camera using Nero and using nero project burn it as a nice dvd with a menu and all, but the picture quality is so grainy on the TV and also it plays well on the tiny veiwer screen with Nero, but when expanded full screen it is just a grainy as when it is viewed on TV.

I have successfully pushed signal directly from the digital video camera to the CD burner in the past and the quality was excellant. It must be something dumb, but I want to teach myself video editing and I can’t even get started



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First, Nero is an OK burning application. Everything else it does half-assed. The camera likely shipped with software for editing and burning to CD/DVD. It likely isn’t the best either, but it would be a good place to learn what you are doing and should create usable output.

Aside from that there are several steps that take place. First you have to transfer the video to the PC. The video then needs to be converted (from whatever to mpeg2 to meet DVD spec). Then it gets compiled into a format readable by the DVD player - also known as authoring. Last, it needs to be burned to DVD.