Horrible problem using Lite-On (Memorex) h2x Drive

I bought my drive about 6 months ago from Best Buy and was impressed with the speed and reliability of the drive. That was until recently. One day I burned an audio CD, with the whole 80 minutes used. So it starts burning the cd and I hear this grinding noise coming from the drive… and the progress on the screen showed that nothing was happening. Well, this continued though there were several times the drive would stop and act normal in the burning process, then spin down and start the grinding noise again. The CD finished, with no errors thankfully… though it took over 20 minutes to burn the CD instead of the 3 or so minutes it usually takes. And now even if it reads a CD, the drive takes about 30 seconds or more reading the CD before it Autolaunches anything from the CD. The drive seems to not be able to fully spin up. I used Nero’s CD Speed to test it and the graph now doesn’t peak over 5X for reading the disc. The drive does this with all discs I use in it, no matter what I do. I have flashed the drive and tried almost everything I can think of and it’s sluggishness is really annoying. I don’t know if it means anything but this computer had a burner before this one that broke only after a year’s use. So both of these burners are acting similar in speed now. I am starting to think the computer itself has some factor the behavior of both burners I have had installed (the computer is an HP if that’s anything worth knowing). Any suggestions that could help this situation? Thanks!

What powersupply you’ve got?

If it were’n for the “grinding noise” I’d say it was a software-setting in Windows (like absence of DMA) that caused the slow performance…

What speed is a H2X?

I actually meant 52X, I don’t know how the H got in there instead of 5. I have no idea what kind of power supply I have, it’s just the one that came with the computer. I also have DMA turned on.