Horrible experience with Memorex Color CD-rs

I bought 14 cakes of 100 Memorex color CD-r from Tigerdirect during a recent “sale”. Bad experience. In a decade of burning CDs, I have only made a few coasters, perhaps 10. I’ve burned 10,000++

First thing I found was that the Memorex would not get recognized in my Lite-On SOHW-1693S drives. Updated firmware. Still no change.
Then I tried the media in several other drives. Would get recognized in some, but not in any laptop burners I have.

So then I burned several discs…well, coaster’d them. So then I found that burning at speed=8 helped. But the media, even after burning, is not recognized in the Lite-On 1693 drive. Talked with a “baffled” Memorex tech support, who were clueless, but did look up the 1693 and confirmed that it supported their media.

I probably have, even at this moment, 20 or 25 different “brands” of media, and have never had a problem like this.

So out of 40 discs, from 5 cakes, I have two good burns, and the rest are landfill feed.

Any similar experience? Any suggestions?


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Media quality is the first thing that springs to mind, but I had a 1693S myself and it was a pretty tolerant drive, as far as media quality goes.

If you’ve still got any of the discs, any chance of you running something like CD-DVDSpeed (or DiscSpeed if you have Nero installed), or Opti Drive Control, and telling us the manufacturer?

This is a common problem with colored CD-Rs, especially ones that are black. Many drives have trouble with them, no matter the brand, so it’s not really a Memorex specific problem. You should never buy them unless you know for sure that your drive can support them.

You might try returning the unopened ones, or selling them on eBay.

Looks like CMC Magnetics (using cdrecord on Linux).

The only luck I have had with Memorex media was with the black ones… oddly enough some of the most battered and worn cds I burned like 8 or nine years back are still readable to some degree even though to look at them you’d have thought it impossible they would even be recognized. -Or maybe those were Maxell? they had gold branding on the top… Either way, that may simply be because media quality was a little higher on the whole back then, as I bought a stack of Maxell that I promptly returned after my drives choked on the first flimsy offering. However, I have noticed that the newer black cdrs with the green writing on top (which have mostly burned well, but not always) seem to be a little more forgiving of minor scratches and less subject to skipping during playback than the silver varieties in my car deck, though. For that reason I have favored the black cd-rs for travelling audio.

I have some color lightscribes that I was gonna play with but I’ll only trust them to making “mix-tape” type audio cds for my car, no data or backup purposes unless its just a brief transport or redundant duplicates. I just figured it was an easy way to group my tunes for quick recognition whilst driving without having to paste labels on them - The labels seem to make them get stuck in the drive sometimes and they won’t eject properly.