Horrible DW1650 cd-r quality scans

I’m starting to suspect there is something really wrong with this drive :sad:

Going to burn/re-scan it in my old NEC 3520a in a little bit to compare.

Well it’s either the drive or the media, I’ve burned some Intenso (reports as Daxon) yesterday and even if I had some spikes on the C1 errors (nothing too high), the C2 was completely clean :confused:

something has been changed with this drive, its the same with philips SPD1400BD/97

Same disc now scanned with a year old NEC 3520a:

About to burn the same data set with the NEC onto the same media.

Same media, same dataset, burnt and then scanned with the NEC 3520a
(apparently it’s particularly poor media)

Just to come full circle, here is the CD burnt by the NEC 3520a
and then scanned by the benq 1650:

Ironically it’s the best scan of this entire drama.

I always thought that C2 errors were fatal (like PO errors) but apparently I misunderstood?

The ideal scan is with not C2 errors at all but I guess that having C2 errors is like having PIF errors on DVDs above 8, it’s out of specifications but will most likely be playable on a good range of burners/readers. :slight_smile:

“horrible” C2 errors… :confused:

Maybe this thread and this post will give you some insight. It covers 1640’s I know, but in this case the same goes for 165* drives.

Your drive will burn CD media just fine :slight_smile:

I thought I’d found something this drive exceled when I scanned a TY CD, until I realised it doesn’t report C2 :doh:


At least 1650 DOES report C2. I know, Nero Infotool does not report that.


I’ve just had a quick scan at pintos links, a bit more to this than I thought. I had to find a ropey old disc which I can see through in places to get any C2 reporting fig 3. Is this what it excels at then Cdr reading.

Oh I get it that the 1640/50/55 doesn’t not report C2 errors in a STANDARD way but it does report them, hence infotool not showing the checked box but the quality scan being able to give feedback.

What I’m trying to learn is what exactly is a C1 vs a C2 error (and this would probably be great for the cdfreak wiki too) and what is the maximum acceptable levels, and what is “fatal”.

Can anyone tell me the correct read speed setting for scanning a CD.

24x should be the best compromise, that’s what CD-DVD Speed chooses for the BenQ drives on default also.

In my Plextor Premium, scanning at 24x or 8x doesn’t make any real difference, for example.

Btw., we need a thread for CD scans. I think that a lot of people burn CD media still (I do), and most intend to use their DVD writer for CD burning as well.

I have been KProbe scanning @8x with my Lite-On SOHW-1693s fw-KC4B & KSOB,fantastic burns with this drive near perfect 40x burns! I am willing to start a cd scan thread but I am not sure where to start one because I would like to see all drives included @ any burn speed and any CD media. :slight_smile:
40x burn

I scanned a couple of CDs with my BenQ DW1650, but I’m not sure if this drive is really suitable for reliable CD scans. I think I’ll stick to my trusty Plextor Premium for CD scanning.

The BenQ DW1650 is actually a pretty decent CD burner, almost as good as the Plextor Premium, which undoubtedly is the best CD-RW ever made.

hey jamescooley1,
that 40x TY burn is unreal! What does the disk scan like in other drives?

Well that is a good question because I forget which disc this was but I will burn another and do a comparison with bq1650 at least q.s. 97 but give me a few minutes.BTW I have some other scans that put this one to shame :bigsmile:

All scans are from the same disc 40x burn w/ Lite-On 1693s
BenQ’s do not read CD’s as nice as Lite-On’s, I am no expert so this just my opinion. Some one please correct me if this is wrong, KProbe is a little more accurate than CD DVD speed for scanning?
all scans @24x btw the cd’s are the Fuji 5 color tower MIJ 50 pack

I agree with adict2jane, your KProbe scans seem unreal, just way too good, no matter what media or burner used.

The only true problem I see with the BenQ drives used for CD scanning is the very high jitter shown. C1 / C2 values / ‘curves’ are actually very similar to my Plextor Premium scans.